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Family Friendly Vacations in Red River, NM

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Family Vacations in Red River, NM | Reservations Unlimited

A family vacation in Red River offers the best of both worlds: A winter wonderland half the year and a mountain playground the other half. This storybook small town comprised of local charm with a splash of southern hospitality is just the place to disconnect from the outside world and enjoy making those cherished family memories. From the thrill seekers to the outdoor explorers, Red River offers fun activities for the whole family. 

Winter Activities in Red River, New Mexico

Winter activities include skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and some good ol’ fashion snow play. When the snow starts to melt it’s time for the outdoor fishing and hiking to begin. Summer fun on the mountain includes the Hidden Treasure Aerial Park, Pioneer Flyer, Scenic Summer Chairlift, and summer mountain tubing.

Family Vacations in Red River New Mexico

Growing up in a small town like ours, you spend a lot of time with your family - which is why we value the importance of quality family time so much. We grew up learning how to ski at Red River Ski & Summer Area with our siblings (and yes, our older brothers made fun of us each time we fell just like yours). Our favorite summer memories consist of seeing who could last the longest on the mechanical bull and then racing each other down Main Street just in time to watch the Frye’s Old Town Gun Show. Our mothers still have the old time family photos framed around their houses. Some of us even still have the scars on our hands from when we accidentally cut ourselves with a fishing hook after we swore to our dads that we didn’t need their help.

Eventually, we’ll all wake up one morning and realize that the kids are grown up and moving out. Sure, it’ll be a sad moment, until you remember the winters you spent in The Bunkhouse listening to the kids giggle up in the loft. You’ll imagine the sound of their little feet rushing down the stairs to grab the sled that hangs in the garage. But no matter how far they travel, you’ll always have the memories of the times you spent in Red River.

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