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3 Tips for Visiting Red River

Red River’s average high is 56 degrees Fahrenheit while its lows are 23 degrees Fahrenheit on average. The temperature can be at either end of the spectrum any day of the year. Pack for all seasons when you head to Red River for your family vacation. Depending on the type of year our mountain town is having, you could visit in June and enjoy a nice snow storm! The winter season in Red River can be warmer one year than it normally is and vice versa.

Tip #1 Don’t Wait to Book!

Booking a property months in advance can ensure that you reserve the best cabin for you and your family. Did you know that you can reserve a cabin with us 365 days in advance! With the help of our employees in the office and the option to book online through our website, we can help you find the perfect rental. Whether that property might have a hot tub, sleeps up to 12 guests, or is near the slopes, we have the perfect property for you.

We have pet-friendly properties but those tend to book up fast so if you plan on bringing Fido you should call us today! Homes in the Upper Valley are very popular due to the seclusion from the town crowd. The homes in the Upper Valley give some of the best views of Wheeler Peak and some of the greatest experiences with wildlife.

Tip #2 Plan & Prepare for Your Red River Trip

Check the weather forecast before you pack your bags and head to the magical land of the Enchanted Forest. Bring warm winter clothing for winter trips, such as jackets, beanies, scarves, and sweaters. In the warmer seasons pack your clothing to layer. The mornings can be slightly cooler as well as the evenings. Pack your shorts, pants, jackets, and rain jackets!

Depending on the time of year that you travel to see us, hiking shoes, skis and ski boots are a must when packing for your trip to Red River, NM. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen because the higher elevation can cause uncomfortable sunburns, especially if you’re skiing or snowboarding!

The small beautiful town of Red River, New Mexico sits at 8,671 feet above sea level. This can cause elevation sickness when you arrive. Altitude sickness occurs when one rapidly ascends to high elevation. It is important to drink a lot of water days before your trip to Red River and to continue drinking water while here. Check out The Oxygen Shoppe which can help out with the sickness.

Tip #3 Enjoy and Protect our Forest!

Enjoy your time with friends and family in the most beautiful place in the world. Remember that you have a responsibility to protect the wildlife and the land. If you go for a hike, camp a few nights out in the middle of the mountains, or spend time skiing on the slopes, please be respectful and hold on to your trash and throw it away in a trash can. Keeping our town clean and looking clean will leave your heart happy. Carry doggy bags with you while you’re out walking in town with your dog, so you can properly clean up after your pet.

Don’t forget to take your furry friends by the “Bark Park” to run off some energy before turning in for the night at your beautiful cabin.

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