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4 Attractions Less Than 40 Miles From Red River You Don’t Want to Miss

If we didn’t have to come inside once in a while to eat, we would stay outdoors all year long on the trails, on horses or skis, in boats, jeeps and ATVs.

Number 1 on our list of things to see and do is at the center of The Enchanted Circle, Wheeler Peak. It is the highest point within the Carson National Forest at 13,159 feet. Our hiking trails to Wheeler Peak offer spectacular views, an abundance of wildlife, and, the trails are rated moderate to difficult.  Be especially careful around what we call “Rock Slide”……you’ll know it when you get there. Only a special few can make the trip to the peak. Those that do will be rewarded with 360 degree views. You will feel on top of the world – and, you will actually BE on top of New Mexico.

Other trails around the area range from easy to difficult. All are guaranteed to give you a thrill of a lifetime for the novice or expert hiker.  Just make sure you leave the area clean for other visitors. We are kind of fond of our mountains just the way they are.

Wheeler Peak Trails

Wheeler Peak Summit Trail 67 (Intermediate to Expert)

Horseshoe Lake/East Fork Trail 56 (Intermediate to Difficult)

Lost Lake Trail 91 (Intermediate to Difficult)

Wheeler Peak Trail 90 (Intermediate to Difficult)

Williams Lake Trail 62 (Easy to Intermediate)

Colin Neblett Wildlife Area

Touch-Me-Not Mountain in the Colin Neblett Wildlife Area is a great place to introduce little ones to hiking. An easy 4 mile round trip hike has views of Wheeler Peak and Moreno Valley below. Hunting, fly fishing, horseback riding all await you here, just 28 miles from Red River.

Horseback Riding in Red River

You don’t even have to bring your own horse to enjoy our mountains. Red River Stables has horses geared and ready to hit the trails. Brutus, Geronimo, Daisy Mae, and Dixie are ready for Spring Break. Daisy Mae keeps the other horses in line – I got that straight from the horse’s mouth. They will take a short rest after Spring Break and be back ready for you on May 24 for the entire summer.

If you prefer to hit the trails on wheels, Bighorn Sports and Rentals is one of our many secrets. And the best part – you never have to leave Red River. Enjoy a 3-hour guided tour of the mountains surrounding Red River in a “Safari Truck”. Your guide knows all the cool spots in the mountains for you to enjoy. Disclaimer: Please keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times. It’s not the best safari truck, but then again, you probably won’t get our best driver either. (That’s a joke folks, just want to make sure you are paying attention!) We will have you back in town by sundown….we are the old west, you know.

Of course, if you would rather fly-fish to catch rainbow trout rather than hike around them, the Upper Red River and Red River through town are stocked, compliments of “The Town of Red River,” the rest of the area is stocked by NM Department of Game and Fish. There aren’t that many flies in Red River, so the trout will actually fight for them. The big ones always win. Enjoy some fresh caught fish for your dinner and teach your kids how to fly fish. Appropriate licenses required and can be purchased in town. The river is mostly melted snow and spring fed so the water is a little nippy (45-60 degrees!) all year long.

We have many more secrets we want to share with you – so pay us a visit and let us show you.  You may not want to go inside during your stay, at least until you are all tuckered out from your daily adventure! Staying in Red River has never been easier and leaving may be harder than you think.

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