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4th of July Celebrations in Red River, NM

Red River is the perfect place for families to come together and there is no better time than the weekend of America’s birthday, July 4th. Every year, the town of Red River and surrounding areas come together to celebrate the 4th of July.  

Red River’s 4th of July Parade

Since 1941, Red River has put together a parade on July 4th. Locals and visitors have made this celebration a tradition and so can you! Floats, awesome cars, and everything in between can be seen in this celebration of America’s birthday! You’ll see Smokey the Bear, classic cars, ROVs, horses, and firetrucks! Be sure to bring a sack of some sort to hold the candy you catch as those driving down the street will toss some!

Family Celebration at Red River Community House

Immediately following the parade you can make your way over to the Red River Community House where family games take place on the lawn. These games are adult and kid-friendly, making it something you won’t want to miss. Three-legged races, egg toss, and sack races are just a few of the games that take place on July 4th.

Brandenburg Park Activities

Head over to Brandenburg Park after the parade where you can enjoy fun and games in the park. You can also enjoy good music and food. Bring your own chairs to sit and enjoy the games of cornhole, hula hoop, and many others. This event is pet-friendly, so bring your furry friend down to interact with other dogs. The new and improved kids playground is up and ready for your kids to run around and play on as well.

Fourth of July Fireworks over Eagle Nest Lake

Before the sun sets head on over to Eagle Nest Lake to enjoy a fireworks display like you’ve never seen before. The biggest firework show in New Mexico is just a 15-minute drive from Red River. Grab your lawn chairs, a few blankets, some drinks, and sit out by the lake to end the day with a patriotic fireworks display!

ROV Rides

What better way to spend the 4th of July than riding trails with your friends and family on ROVs! Red River Offroad offers jeep tours to Greenie Peak and Pioneer Trail (when trails are safe and fully open). Bring a jacket and a camera because there are some things you’ll see that you’ll want to never forget such as old gold mines, wildlife, and beautiful natural streams.

Red River Ski Area Activities

During the summers, there are many things to do at the ski area. Purchase a lift ticket and head up the lift to the top of the mountain. Grab a bite to eat at the Tip Restaurant and take a look around at the beautiful scenery and take in the views of Red River from what feels like the top of the world. Get back on the lift to head back down the mountain, or if you’re up for the challenge, start the hike down. Take this opportunity to see parts of the mountain that most have never seen before. Watch for wildlife and enjoy the outdoors.

We hope you enjoy your day with family and friends while celebrating America’s birthday in our beautiful little town. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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