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5 Tips for Trout Fishing Red River

The Red River flows through Northern New Mexico and offers fishing for wild and stocked trout. Obtain your fishing licence from Sitzmark or online at New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. One day, five day, and one year licences are available. People over the age of 70 can fish for free. Children 11 years old and younger are not required to have a fishing license in the state of New Mexico. Junior fishing licenses are available to those anglers between the ages of 12-17.

About Trout Fish

Trout are classified into three species: Salmo, Salvelinus, and Oncorhynchus. Trout are mostly found in freshwater bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and ponds. Although some may be found in saltwater, they always return to freshwater to spawn. The most common type of trout and one of the most fished in Red River are rainbow and brown trout. 

Fishing Gear in Red River

The basic trout fishing rig is a spinning reel, light or medium rod, and some lures. Other things you may need is sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and safety gear such as a vest. It is a good idea to have fishing waders with you while fishing to keep you dry. Spinning rods and reels are best when fishing for trout. Spinning reels are preferred for beginners as they are easiest to use.

Trout Fishing Methods

Bottom fishing is the easiest method and most used for beginners. In this method your bait or lure will rest on the bottom of the lake or river you are fishing. Be on the lookout for small movements as trout can bite lightly. 

Drift fishing requires time and patience from the fisherman. This method requires your bait or lure to flow with the current of the river.

Where your current is minimal, float fishing is the best method to use. Trout are known to be lazy so the still bait will capture the eye of any trout.

Lures for Catching Trout

There are many different kinds of lures that are great for trout fishing. Here are a few lures that would make your fishing trip worthwhile if you were to keep one of each in your bag.

  • Critters, whether you use real or imitation, are great for catching trout. Trout are used to seeing these creatures such as grasshoppers, crickets, and other large bugs. 
  • Using a paddle tail swimbait will attract bigger trout. 
  • More experienced fishermen know that trout love to eat on tubes, which look like zooplankton. If you have tubes in your tackle box you should catch a trout. 
  • Worm imitators are always a great idea when fishing for any type of fish. Trout especially will feast on worm imitators. These lures are easy to use and are very effective. 
  • Spinners are one of the most commonly used lures across the United States. Spinners are great to use in rivers and lakes.
  • Salmon eggs are great to fish trout with as well. Since trout are scavengers, they will hit your bait like a hammer when they see salmon eggs on your hook.

Where to Trout Fish in Red River

You will have fun fishing for trout in any part of the Red River. Whether you’re fishing off a bridge in town, or fishing from the river in the Upper Valley, you are most likely to catch multiple trout. Take advantage of the stocked ponds in town while you are here visiting. Book a full day wade trip with our friends at Red River Angler & Sport and enjoy a day on the water!

With these trout fishing tips you are ready to gear up and start catching more with less effort. We hope this guide helps you and we can’t wait to see you soon!

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