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How to Travel to Red River on a Budget

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Exploring Red River and doing the things you love to do doesn’t have to break the bank. The team at Reservations Unlimited has put together a list of tips to help you plan a trip to Red River on a budget and still have fun.

Plan Your Trip to Red River

Going on a spontaneous trip to Red River, NM can cost more since you weren’t prepared to travel, so it’s important to make a plan! You should at least have an idea of how long you want to visit Red River and what activities you might want to enjoy while staying here. Planning your trip to the mountains can take the stress of money off your shoulders.

Travel During Off Season

Traveling during the off season or less busy times can save you money on lodging accommodations and eating out. (Many of Red River’s restaurants either work a partial week or completely close during the off season). There is still plenty to do when you travel to Red River during the off season. From the time the slopes close in mid March until about the end of May the town of Red River does get quiet. Enjoy the quietness of town and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city during this time of year. Your nerves will be glad you did! 

Avoid taking a trip during the holidays, as this is when the travel industry increases prices due to high demand. Pricing for rentals increase during the holiday and peak seasons. Beginning the week after the slopes close until about mid May, rental nightly rates decrease significantly, compared to our busy season. Pricing then increases for early summer and throughout the rest of summer. After Labor Day weekend, nightly rates decrease slightly and then do not increase again until the middle of December, just in time for school holiday breaks and Christmas vacations.

If you and your family can be flexible when it comes to travel dates, you may be able to save some money. Sometimes it can be cheaper to travel during the weekdays compared to weekends. 

Book in Advance

At Reservations Unlimited you can book a property up to 365 days in advance! Yes you read that correctly! One whole year before you plan to come to Red River you can find the property you want to stay in and book it. All you have to do is decide which property you want, give our office a call at 575-404-7643 and pay the 25% deposit. The rest of the amount is due 30 days before your arrival, but this can be paid before then. By booking your property in advance, this can help you pay out your reservation whenever you can, as long as the total is paid 30 days before the start of your reservation.

Booking directly through Reservations Unlimited can also save you money compared to booking through third parties such as AIRBNB and VRBO. Third party sites add on extra fees that you don’t know about and this can add up fast! 

Go Camping in Red River

If you’re one with the outdoors and you already have camping gear, then spend a few nights out in the wilderness and take it all in. Campgrounds in and around Red River can be found on USDA’s website. But for those of you that prefer a comfy bed, we always have a great cabin you can rent. 

Meal Plan/Prep at Home

Planning your meals at home before you head to Red River can help you stick to your budget. Think of easy lunch options such as sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs. It can also be cheaper to bring your own groceries if you have a way of transporting cold items.

Those are just a few tips on how to save money and travel to the most beautiful place on Earth on a budget. We hope this helps you and your family plan a trip to see us soon!

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