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Red River Is An Affordable Place To Visit

Not only is Red River, NM a beautiful place to take the family on a summer or winter vacation, but it is also really affordable for everyone! Don’t let the fear of money keep you from visiting the best place on Earth! We have done some thinking and research and listed just a few reasons why Red River is an affordable place to visit!


Booking directly with us over the phone or through our website can save you hundreds of dollars in fees. All of our properties can be booked a year in advance, yes that’s right, 365 days!! Choosing to book a property for your next vacation to Red River helps give you time to pay on the rental and gives you the opportunity to save money for other adventures!


No matter where you live in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Arizona or California, Red River is within driving distance. Even if it is a 10 hour drive from your home to the beautiful town of Red River, it would only take a day to get there and is cheaper than flying to the closest airport, which would still leave you at least three hours of driving time before you actually arrive in Red River! Some lucky visitors can also take advantage of Taos Air, which lands just 45 minutes away from Red River. No matter where you are from, there’s an easy way to get here.


Some of our local restaurants and stores offer discounts to guests who stay with us. Our good friends at Shotgun Willies will give you 10% off your breakfast if you mention you’re staying with Reservations Unlimited! Save your cups from that same place and bring them on your next trip for FREE refills! Shop All Seasons Sports for your ski and snowboard rentals during the winter months for a 10% discount when you stay with your favorite lodging company!

Sitzmark Sports also offers a discount to anyone who stays with Reservations Unlimited. Next time you’re renting gear for skiing or snowboarding let them know that you are staying with us and receive 10% off your rental gear! Discounts given by locals in Red River can help you save some money while in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.


There are so many things to do in Red River that are FREE or cost little to nothing to do! During the late spring, summer, or early fall, bring your ROV to the mountains and spend your days riding the  trails! Pack a cooler with water, sandwiches, and snacks and then all you’ll have to do is fill your ROV up with gas and make some amazing memories.

Pack a lunch, put on your hiking boots and head out on a hike. There are many different hiking trails you can take around Red River. One of the most popular hiking trails that takes about ½ a day to complete is Middle Fork Lake. This trail is located at the end of State Highway 578 and is all around a 5.5 mile hike.

We hope this blog helps you plan your next adventure to Red River, especially if you’re trying to save some money for this year’s vacation! Don’t forget these tips and we hope to see you soon! Our RU team is just one phone call away, so call now or visit our website to book a property for your next trip!

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