Top 5 Must Do Summer Activities in Red River, NM

Top 5 summer activities in Red River. View of Main Street

Nestled away in the mountains, Red River, NM is a summertime destination for those who crave a unique adventure away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives. We’re a small town that’s bursting with big adventure for folks of all ages. Around here, we start counting down the days until the Red River Ski & Summer Area opens for Summer, the moment the winter season comes to an end. To help us pass the time while we impatiently wait for the snow to melt, we’ve made a list of our favorite must-do summer activities so you can experience summertime in Red River like a local.

1. Hidden Treasure Aerial Park

With three different levels to experience, the Hidden Treasure Aerial Park will have you climbing through the ropes course high above the town one moment and zipping down the mountain the next. It’s an adventure that’s sure to thrill the whole family.

2. Pioneer Flyer

Didn’t get enough zip-lining at the Hidden Treasure Aerial Park? Hop into this seated zipline and go flying over the pond and Pioneer Road, all the way up to the tower on The Face. Be sure to enjoy the breathtaking view of the town before you go soaring back down to the ground.

3. Panning for Gold

It’s been years since the miners have carved into the mountains in search of gold, but with a little miner spirit, you can still find some gold flakes panning for gold. Our favorite spots to pan for gold are Pioneer Canyon, Placer Creek, and Bitter Creek. Go ahead and grab a pan because you never know, there might still be gold in them thar mountains.

4. Horseback Riding

Forget taking a drive through town, around here we take a guided horseback tour through town to capture the feel of the old mining days in Red River. Head on over to Red River Stables or Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures and get saddled up!

5. Frye’s Old Town Gun Shows

If you couldn’t already tell, here in Red River we take pride in being an old mining town. Which is why we look forward to the Old Town Gun Shows so much. Head on over to Frye’s Old Town every Thursday and Saturday during the summer and take a trip back in time for a bank robbery shootout! This reenactment will have you feeling like you’re back in the old west.

We could go on and on about how much we enjoy summertime in Red River if only there were enough words to describe the adventures you’ll have here. We suggest heading to the mountain to experience it all for yourselves!

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