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Why Working Remotely in Red River is Good For The Soul

Having the ability to work from your favorite vacation spot or a vacation home cannot be understated. To wear your pj’s while sitting out on the front porch with a fresh cup of coffee is the ultimate goal. A study by Stanford University has shown that working in an environment that is comfortable and relaxed leads to better results, a greater job satisfaction, and less stress.

Added Flexibility

The amount of flexibility you have while working remotely can help you design your ideal workspace. Although there are still deadlines and weekly team meetings, there are other times that you can set aside to do the majority of your work. For example, getting up early to enjoy the cool mountain breeze along with your coffee while on the porch of Streamside Retreat listening to the river flow. Work on your computer to get work done so that you can enjoy the rest of the day hiking. Working under flexible hours can increase employee retention rate, which can also increase the company’s productivity. You also have the ability to check out one of our local coffee shops, such as Steam Coffee Co., for breakfast and coffee while you work.

Saves Money

The average employee spends about $10 a day when commuting to work, whether it’s a stop for coffee or going to get lunch on your break. Saving this money not only means more money in your account, but it also gives you more time to prepare meals for the week or exercise. You’re also saving hundreds of hours in commuting time each year. This time can be used for de-stressing before a day full of work, paying bills, or even to learn a new skill. You may decide to go on a hike up to Middle Fork Lake and be grateful that you are one of the lucky ones that can work from anywhere. 

Learn New Skills

While working from Red River can be challenging and demanding, it is also a great way to grow personally and professionally. In the beginning it may take you all day every day to get things done because you want to gaze at the mountains, but once you find a schedule you like and a time that you can get most of your work done, things will become easier. Organization and self discipline is a top priority when it comes to working remotely. This can be a way to help you understand and learn more about yourself and strengthen your personality traits.

More Time With Loved Ones

Not only is working remotely good for your soul, but it is also good for your family. This opportunity allows for the incredible extra amount of time you get to socialize and be around the people you care about. So don’t come work remotely in Red River by yourself, bring your family along with you and stay at our Almost Heaven property. The amount of family time you will spend together is worth it and your children will never forget the time spent together as a family.

Employees who work remotely will save money, redefine their work schedules, and add some much needed flexibility to their work days.The flexibility enables them to create time for themselves as well as their families.

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