5 Historical Facts About Red River, NM

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The history in Red River runs through the mountain as deep as the gold mines themselves. From explorers to miners, and the Native Americans that came before them, the area is bursting with history from the moment your round Bobcat Pass. Here are five historical facts about Red River that every mountain explorer should know.

  1. The town was first named “River City”, but was later re-named Red River after the stream that flows from the slopes of Wheeler Peak through our mystical little town.
  2. Red River, NM was put on the map in the 1870’s when miners from the Moreno Valley discovered gold in the area.
  3. Red River was a prosperous mining camp by 1895, with gold, silver, and copper in abundance. At this time the population was estimated around 3,000.
  4. Red River began to transform into the mountain playground it is today by 1905 when the mining population dwindled down.
  5. Red River, NM has five places on the National Register of Historic Places. The Little Red School House Museum, Orrin Mallette Cabin, Sylvester (Vet) Mallette Cabin, Melson-Oldham Cabin, and the Pierce Fuller House.

Red River is a great place for that annual family vacation. There’s something for everyone here. 

The history in Northern New Mexico far surpasses that of just Red River, so now that you’re a Red River history expert, where will your exploration take you next? 

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