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Be Prepared For Mountain Cold

Imagine this, you wake up in Red River after a snowstorm that night. You get ready to head to town for breakfast at Yesterday’s Diner when your windshield is covered in ice and snow. You reach into the backseat to grab your winter emergency kit and it’s not there. Oh no, you forgot it at home. Winter car preparation is important for staying safe in the cold weather while traveling to the mountains. Listed below are just a few important things to remember.

Hydration in the Mountains

Staying hydrated not only quenches your thirst but it is essential for survival and regulation of body temperature. If your body doesn’t have enough water, your immune system weakens, increasing your chances of getting sick. It is so important to drink enough water while in high altitude areas to keep from getting altitude sickness. Water is a major source in fruits and vegetables, so while you’re out on the slopes pack an apple and a banana to snack on throughout the day. Mixing other natural flavors of fruits such as strawberries, limes, and oranges in your water is an easy way to make it taste better if you are not a fan of the natural taste of H2O.

Dangers of Being Cold and Wet

Cold and wet weather conditions can cause your body to cool enough to cause hypothermia. Hypothermia can strain the body including your immune system. The possibility of your body becoming infected with a virus is higher if you are cold and wet. Your heart has to work harder to keep your body warm when you are outside in the cold. This can cause heart problems if there are already underlying issues. Head inside and remove any  wet clothing, stand by a fire and drink some warm cocoa to regulate your body temperature.

Automobile Safety Kit

An ice scraper and brush is one of the most important things to keep in your car during the winter, especially when visiting Red River. There is always a chance of snow that can leave inches of snow and possibly ice on your windshield. Flashlights along with batteries are a must to keep in your car, especially when traveling. It is not a bad idea to keep a blanket or two in your car for extra warmth in case your car breaks down while traveling in our mountain town. Emergency flares or reflectors can help other vehicles see you during low visibility in the event you find yourself broken down on the side of the road.

Vehicle Must Haves

Before leaving your home for your trip to the mountains, replace your wiper fluid with the negative degree fluid. This will work better when visiting Red River because of the cold temperatures. A four wheel drive vehicle is recommended while visiting Red River in the winter months. Most of our properties do require 4×4 due to their location.

Wear several layers of thin clothing so you can adjust as you cool off or warm up. Your outermost layer should be waterproof and wind resistant. Always pack extra socks in case  yours gets wet. It’s always a strong possibility you might need extras. Stop by Sitzmark Sports and pick up a new jacket and pair of warm socks if your current attire has seen its better days.

Staying safe in cold weather means thinking ahead. Always check the weather report for the days you will be in the mountains and plan accordingly. It never hurts to pack extra and be prepared for whatever mother nature may throw at you.

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