Best Trails For Snowboarders Based Off Of Experience Level

The difficulty level of ski and snowboarding trails are classified by color and symbols at the beginning of the trails. Keep in mind that a trail is rated on its most difficult part, even if most of the trail is easy. People who snowboard or ski often know what the colors mean, but the symbols can make it a little tricky. Keep reading to understand what those symbols mean on the mountain runs in Red River, NM.

Snowboard Trail Color Meanings

  1. (Green Circle) Beginner runs are usually very wide with a gentle slope and are the easiest trails to snowboard. It is important for advanced snowboarders to slow down and board these trails at a low speed due to the high volume of beginners learning how to snowboard. 
  2. (Blue Square) Intermediate trails are usually the most popular trails because it makes snowboarding fun but not too challenging. 
  3. (Black Diamond) Advanced runs are steep, narrow, and sometimes ungroomed. An ungroomed trail can be difficult for anyone if they are not paying attention.
  4. (Double Black Diamond) are for very experienced skiers and snowboarders. These challenging trails feature drop offs, and cliffs, and are never groomed. These trails are not groomed because they are impossible to send a snowplow down them.

Red River Ski and Snowboard Trails

Beginner Ski and Snowboard Trails in Red River

The beginner trails in Red River are Little Blue, Gold Rush, Gold Avenue, Lariat, Prospectors Lane, Do Drop Inn, and Re-Run. These 7 listed are just the green runs on the front side of the mountain. Did you know that Red River has trails on the backside of the mountain?! That’s right, and 11 out of the 13 are beginner trails! Little Blue is the best trail for beginners, and those who have never ridden before should use this trail. This small stretch has a slight slope where you will learn about your board and the basics of snowboarding. This area is also where ski school and lessons take place. It is almost always busy, but there is enough room to practice stopping and weaving as you learn. Once you have learned how to start, stop, and cruise, then it’s time to move over to the Gold Rush trail. This trail is very wide and busy the majority of the time but great to practice on before you head up the big lift to the top of the mountain.

Intermediate Ski and Snowboard Trails in Red River

Broadway and Downtown trails are two of the most popular blue trails in Red River. Broadway is more traveled than Downtown, although they are both used a lot. At the end of Broadway, you come to The Face, which is a black diamond trail and very popular in Red River. The end of Downtown leads you to a green trail which meets up at the end of The Face.

Difficult Ski and Snowboard Trails in Red River

Some of the most difficult trails are Ute Chute, Boomtown Face, and The Face. These are just a few of the black diamond runs at Red River Ski Area. Snowboard down The Face and grab a bite to eat at The Lift House as you watch others brave the black diamond run.

Check out this link to see Red River’s trails and the difficulty of them. We hope this explanation of trails and their difficulties helps you the next time you are snowboarding in Red River.

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