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Celebrating Father’s Day in Red River

He’s always been there for you—reliable, a shoulder to cry on, and always with a funny joke and a smile. Your dad is one of a kind, so it’s time to treat him to a weekend in his favorite little mountain town, Red River.

From hiking to fishing, eating good food, and having a beer or two, there are endless ways to honor your dad. Let us help you wish him a Happy Father’s Day with these exciting things to do in Red River!

Fishing in Red River, NM

There is nothing quite like grabbing your fishing pole and lures and heading out to the river for some peace and fishing. The wind whistling through the trees, the sound of the water rushing over the rocks, and the smell of freshly poured coffee. Whether your dad is an expert fisherman or he’s never really fished, fishing in Red River is an incredible experience for everyone.

Treat Dad to Dinner Red River Style

Thinking of Italian for dinner? Head to Capo’s for a bowl of spaghetti or a fresh pizza to split with dad. Be sure to grab a piece of cheesecake too; Dad won’t mind. Red River’s newest restaurant, Vine and Dine is a great dinner spot if you’re looking for a good steak or fish. They have other options too such as fresh salads and flatbread. Sundance is another option if you’re feeling Mexican food. Don’t forget to call and make reservations for dinner! Sundance sells burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, as well as salmon!

ROV Rides in Red River, NM

Enjoy a day of ROV riding even if you don’t have one of your own to bring. Red River Mountain Adventures takes reservations for OHV and Jeep rentals on their website. You can choose between half-day rentals or full-day rentals and a guaranteed day of fun!

Ride the BLM public ground with views of the Rio Grande and to the base of Ute Park, an inactive volcano!! You will have to drive to Questa with your ROV on the trailer to begin the ride along the Rio Grande.

Hiking in Red River, NM

Hiking in Red River is more pleasurable than exercising, especially due to the beautiful scenery. Plan a day to hike one of the many trails Red River offers with your dad and enjoy the outdoors. Red River is located in the Carson National Forest, home to over 1.5 million acres. Over 86,000 of those acres are wilderness and have been set aside as part of Wild America. The wilderness can only be accessed by foot or horse, making it ideal hiking terrain.

Wheeler Peak (the highest peak in New Mexico and can only be accessed from Red River) is the longest trail you can hike at 7.3 miles. This hike is considered difficult and is very popular so you may run into other hikers in the area during your excursion. Middle Fork Lake is a moderate trail, perfect for a ½ day’s worth of hiking and exploring the area. Check out some of the other hiking trails you can find in Red River.

Vino in the Valley

Enjoy the town of Red River with the 20th annual Vino in the Valley event held at Brandenburg Park. Vino in the Valley is a celebration of the past, present, and future of New Mexico. Enjoy New Mexican wine and dishes during this 3-day event.

You’ll need a place to stay when you come to our town to celebrate your dad, and we would love to have you stay with us. Book a property with us online or call today!

*Please contact any local business for hours of operation

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