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The 10 Best Hiking Trails in Red River, Ranked

We’ve hiked them all:  Short ones, long ones, easy ones and, of course, the very difficult ones. But all the trails have one thing in common – a day of fabulous hiking in solitude, or with family and friends; beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, and the great outdoors.

#10 – Red River Nature Trail

Trip Advisor gives The Red River Nature Trail 4.5 Stars. It’s a paved trail along the river with places to sit and enjoy the scenery. Watch fishermen in the river catch their dinner. The Red River Nature Trail can be accessed from town – no need to drive to begin a hike. It is dog-friendly so your furry friends can enjoy it with you. Remember to pick up after your critter, please and we thank you.

#9 – Sawmill Park Trail 55

Sawmill Park Trail 55 offers a little more challenging hike in 3.6 Miles. Getting to the trailhead requires you to travel through some private land. Please be mindful of that and stay on the road. Once you are there, you will enjoy a day hike in the Carson National Forest. Take time to enjoy part of the 1.5 million acres of mountain views like no other in the Southwest.

#8 – Goose Creek Trail

Another dog-friendly hike (you know, please pick up the “deposits”). This trail is 11 miles round trip and is moderately easy (or moderately difficult depending on your ability).

#7 – Lost Lake Trail 91

Lost Lake Trail 91  is rated intermediate to difficult. It’s probably good that you can camp near Lost Lake. You might want to rest before returning. Lost Lake is a great one or two-day hike. Camping and campfires are not allowed within 300 feet of the shore. Pick your spot and enjoy a night in the mountains!

#6 – Horseshoe Lake Trail

The crystal clear waters of Horseshoe Lake make this intermediate to difficult hike worth every step. Don’t be surprised if the Bighorn Sheep in the area join you for a peanut butter sandwich. But please don’t spoil them with “people food”.

#5, #4, and #3

It’s difficult to pick which order so we will suggest them all. Middle Fork Lake Trail, Columbine Trail, and the Pioneer Creek Trail all offer different degrees of difficulty, but all have the most incredible views and wildlife for your enjoyment. Plan on getting your feet wet on Middle Fork Lake Trail – you have to cross the creek to continue the hike. Pioneer Trail meanders by some abandoned gold, silver and copper mines. The actual trail was blazed by “Pioneers” in the late 1800s. You’ll be walking in the footsteps of history!

#2 – Williams Lake Trail

Williams Lake Trail is open year-round. The spring, summer and fall months for hiking, and the winter months for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. It is rated easy to moderate. Wheeler Peak Trail can be accessed from this trail.

#1 – Wheeler Peak

Our most challenging hike – an ascent to 13,160 feet. The Wheeler Peak hike is a 2700 foot ascent in elevation in 7.3 miles – one way, depending on your route. This one almost feels like it’s uphill both directions. It is rated intermediate to expert and is definitely a favorite challenge for the avid hiker.

Come enjoy our trails. Prepare for your hike by packing plenty of water, light snacks, and sunscreen. We also recommend a jacket regardless of the forecast. The weather can change drastically and unexpectedly here. Always remember to carry out what you carry in.

We may see you on the trail. But there will be plenty of people waiting for you back in town. You can stock up on those carbs and a well deserved good night’s sleep back at your cozy mountain vacation rental!

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