Choosing Amenities For Your Red River Vacation Rental

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Amenities are a big part of the vacation rental experience and can make or break your stay. As a guest, you know what you want and are willing to pay for those amenities. 

What are Vacation Rental Amenities?

Amenities refer to any addition, feature, or service provided at a property that enhances the comfort, convenience, and overall experience of the property you are staying at. Amenities are intended to make the property more attractive and enjoyable. These amenities can vary widely depending on the type and location of the property. Some examples of amenities include:

  • Hot Tub: Hot tubs are a hot commodity, especially when visiting Red River. We only have a handful of properties with this amenity, and they book fast. We require a $500 security deposit for any property with a hot tub, which is refundable after the hot tub is inspected and acceptable after your departure.
  • Laundry facilities: Having access to a washer and dryer is practical when traveling on vacation. Knowing that the property has a place to wash your clothes is important to some guests. This amenity can help you from overpacking your bags.
  • Trailer Parking: A property with enough parking for trailers and ROVs is often sought after, especially during the summer and fall months. Here in Red River, you can drive your ROV from your property directly to the trails.
  • Fireplace: Whether it’s the summer or winter, fireplaces are popular and a great amenity for any property. Many of our properties have wood-burning and gas fireplaces. We provide a starter bundle of firewood during the winter ski season.
  • Air Conditioning: Air-conditioned rental properties are not common in Red River, but we do have a couple of options that have portable air-conditioning or cooling units in the homes, like Streamside Retreat. We ask that our guests don’t move these units. 
  • Garage access: A rental property with garage access is great for storing skis and other winter items. Instead of tracking all of your ski clothes, boards, and boots into the house, you can drop them off in the garage to keep the wet snow from dripping through the house and making a mess.
  • Pet-friendly properties: For guests traveling with pets, having a pet-friendly property is beneficial in more ways than one. If you bring your furry friend with you to Red River, you don’t have to pay boarding fees for the days you are on vacation. Yes, all of our pet-friendly properties have non-refundable pet fees, but our guests who seek these accommodations say that is more than acceptable. 

Most Popular Rental Amenities in Red River, NM

There are a few other amenities that are important to guests no matter where they are traveling. The most popular amenity in a rental property is a fully equipped kitchen. Having a kitchen with all the necessities to cook meals is a great feature in any vacation rental. For people traveling with families, this is especially important. High-speed internet is important for travelers for many reasons. This may be because of students doing homework, adults needing to work while traveling, or streaming a video for young kids. Another popular amenity is a grill for cooking. Not all properties have grills for guest use, so be sure to ask our office if the property you reserved has one for your stay. 

Amenities are to enhance your stay with us, and each one is listed under the property description on our website. Amenities are only one piece of the vacation rental puzzle and can really make your vacation a memorable one. If you find a property that has all the amenities you could want, be sure to reserve that property again 365 days in advance! 

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