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Christmas in Red River, New Mexico

Looking for a White Christmas? Red River, NM is a small town with BIG snow – we make sure of that!

We are all dolled up and excited about Christmas in Northern New Mexico. Who wouldn’t want to be here this time of year? Red River is nestled in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Taos County, just 2 hours north of Santa Fe.


……Compliments of Mother Nature, or our powerful snow makers. We don’t want to brag, but we have the most powerful snow making system in the state. Either way, the slopes are ready for your visit at Red River Summer and Ski Area. Enjoy a Slinky for breakfast at Yesterday’s Diner downtown, then hit the slopes anytime after 9 a.m. You can ski or snowboard down the slopes right into town later in the day for a hot chocolate or a big lunch. Then hit the slopes again. Once the slopes close for skiing and snowboarding for the day, you can tube down the slopes as well! All paths lead to Red River!

Snow Coach Dinner Tour

After a day of skiing, or sight-seeing, you can enjoy a scenic ride in our heated Snow Coach for dinner. You and 8-11 other people will be transported to the Tip Restaurant where Chef Kai will prepare your four course meal of Rubbed Ribeye Steak, Poached Salmon or Fried Chicken with all the trimmings. After dinner, waddle back to the coach for the ride down the mountain that will give you a spectacular view of our town. Then your can be back to your cozy warm fireplace where you can settle in for a long winter’s sleep.

Christmas Eve’s Eve in Red River

After dark on December 23, (and actually every Saturday night in Ski Season), the slopes will be lighted only by hand-held torches carried by our ski patrol, instructors, and other downhill skiers. This 45 year old tradition, Torchlight and Fireworks Parade, culminates in Fireworks that light the sky over our beautiful mountain town we call home. You don’t have to be on the slopes to enjoy this – it can be seen from almost anywhere in town. If you miss it, and we hope you don’t stay around until Saturday when we do it again. Yes….we like traditions.

Christmas Eve in Red River

Traditions……and Heritage. An hour’s drive to the south of Red River, The Taos Pueblo hosts the Procession of the Virgin Mary. Families light bonfires and six townsmen carry a dais, or throne, that holds the Statue of the Virgin Mary. This is a solemn event you are welcome to witness. Warm yourself by the fires with the residents and enjoy the reason we celebrate Christmas. Because of its sacred culture, please, no cameras or videos.

Christmas Night in Red River

Our mountains will be glowing on Christmas Night as we proudly show our love of “All Things Beautiful” – Christmas Luminaria Tour (pictured below). At dark, our residents light the town and almost 2 miles of the Enchanted Cross Country Ski Area with candles in paper bags. That’s a monumental task, but we love to share our most treasured Christmas event. The luminaries adorn the streets, homes, businesses, and sidewalks. It’s a most spectacular sight you won’t see just anywhere.

Luminaria Tour

Yes, we have all that – and more! Why not leave the hectic shopping and crowded malls to others this year, join us and see for yourself. Where else can you go to enjoy skiing, mountains glowing, Pueblo Tradition, and a Snow Coach ride all on your Christmas break?


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