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Fish Species You’ll Find in Northern New Mexico

Northern New Mexico is full of many different wildlife species. In particular, the rivers, streams, and lakes offer up dozens of types of fish for you to enjoy. If you are tired of fishing the same old things out of your local pond, it is time to start exploring the variety that lives throughout Northern New Mexico today. Here are some of the various fish you will see across the different fishing environments in the state:

Gila Trout

One of the most popular and common New Mexico fish species is the Gila trout. They stand out from other trout species because their upper half is covered in tons of tiny dark spots while their lower body is a light green-gold color. Gila trout tend to live in small streams with mild waters, and they usually stay smaller than 12″ in length, although there have been some larger ones caught in the area. You will find that Gila trout also tend to live with Rainbow trout, so you can catch them together in many areas.

Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout

The Rio Grande Cutthroat trout is another common catch. These fish are being actively maintained by the parks and wildlife division. They stand out from other trout species because of their size and coloring. Their dappled red, green and blue underside makes them easy to spot.


New Mexico is home to several different catfish species including both blue catfish and flathead catfish. Flathead catfish are quite large and can be found throughout the state in lakes where they can grow undisturbed. For those who love the sport of catfishing, there are plenty of large lakes that are ideal angling locations.


Up in the Northwestern corner of the state, you will see that there are New Mexico fish species that come down from Colorado. In particular, razorback suckers, flannelmouth suckers, and bluehead suckers. All three of these species prefer calm waters and especially shallow streams where water can pool for extended periods of time. This makes them easy to catch without any special gear.


Over in the Northeastern side of the state, you are likely to encounter several different types of chub alongside dace and sunfish. While these fish tend to be smaller in size than the trout that inhabit the other side of New Mexico, they do sport some colorful scales and unique properties that make them valuable catches.

As always, if you are looking for good sporting grounds for any particular species, it is best to call on a seasoned guide from the area. Reservations Unlimited can set you up with the perfect location to catch your record-breaking fish. Contact us today or visit us online to learn more about guided fishing trips with our expert anglers in the beautiful land of New Mexico.

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