Gas, Wood Burning Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves- Know the Difference

red river fireplace

Having a fireplace in your vacation rental is a way to improve the look and feel of any room, especially when it’s in a home in the middle of the Carson National Forest. We are going to talk about the different types of fireplaces you may find throughout Reservations Unlimited’s properties during your stay with us.

Gas Fireplace

This type of fireplace consists of incombustible “logs” covering gas vents while the fire itself burns behind glass. Gas fireplaces are the easiest fireplaces to use and do not involve any wood chopping or cleanup. A gas fireplace still looks like a real wood-burning fireplace and will give off some heat. You don’t have to worry about sparks or anything catching on fire or simply starting a fire, simply flip a switch. A lot of our properties have gas fireplaces in the living rooms, creating a homey ambiance in the home. This kind of fireplace is a popular alternative to wood-burning ones. Gas fireplaces retain as much as 75% to 99% of the heat dispersed into the room.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood burning fireplaces are the most traditional types of fireplaces and you can still find them in vacation rentals today. Properties like our KXDJ Riverside 1 have a wood burning fireplace in the main living area. If the fireplace has an empty firebox, then it is a wood-burning system. The fireplace will have a door and a space to build your fire but no ignitors or feeding devices. Wood burning fireplaces burn wood and vent directly up the flue. You may find soot buildup around the firebox and should be cleaned regularly. A wood burning fireplace gives off a look and feel that you can’t get with a gas or electric fireplace. Not only does it look better, but it gives off that smell of a real fire and you can hear the popping and snapping sounds as the wood burns. Wood burning fireplaces don’t depend on another source of energy. This means that you can use them at any time, yes that includes a power outage, if that does happen. It is a great source of heat, especially during those cold snow storms that roll through Red River. 

Wood Burning Stove

This heating or cooking appliance is capable of burning wood fuel. You will find a solid metal closed firebox with one or more air controls. All wood burning stoves rely on constant airflow to create combustion and heat. These types of stoves are smaller than fireplaces and can project more heat into your home than any of the other fireplaces mentioned. Birdwell in the Upper Valley is one of the few properties we have that has a wood burning stove. 

The primary difference between a fireplace and a wood burning stove is the construction. A fireplace is constructed as a structure, typically with brick or stone. Whereas wood-burning stoves consist of multiple pre-fabricated components. A fireplace can reduce the time you run your central heating and create a comfortable environment during the winter months.

*Pro Tip: It is NOT okay to burn wood in a gas fireplace. Mixing these two can lead to fire hazards and damage the home.

**Wood is provided during the winter months. You will have wood to use during your stay. If you burn through the wood that we provide and want more, you will be charged for extra wood.

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