How to Get Ready for You Ski Trip in Red River

While planning your ski trip to Red River you might be asking yourself… what on Earth do I pack? I’ve made sure you have all the information you could quite possibly need if you are wanting to be fully prepared and hit the adventure once you get here! When gathering your most important items, remember how bulky some of these necessities can be, so make sure your luggage can hold it all. If you can’t fit it all, no worries, you can buy everything you need here in Red River! Many of the items mentioned in this blog can be found at All Seasons, Sitzmark and Climates

Even if you’re a light packer your luggage will tend to be heavier so maybe don’t get too crazy, unless you’re prepared for that hefty luggage fee that some airlines charge if you are flying in from places like Dallas or Austin! While I tell you about the different clothing items you will need, I have taken the liberty to find these products online for those of you that like to be fully prepared. These are just suggestions and what I and others have found to be useful.

Bottom Layers

These are extremely important! Everyone in town will tell you to always dress in layers, it is a must! Your bottom layers will count as the base item to creating your ski ensemble. Under Armour has a very durable line of clothing items perfect for outdoor winter activities. You will notice that you won’t find the word long johns very often, but this is today’s long johns, but the older version will work too.

Ski Jacket 

With so many different types of jackets out there to choose from, the best one I recommend is from North Face. Not only are they water-resistant, but they also keep you extremely warm while being lightweight and perfect for travel and maneuvering the slopes!


Yes!! Mittens, NOT gloves. Mittens provide more warmth than gloves based on the amount of body heat produced when your fingers are closer together. I found that Carhartt makes a wonderful waterproof insulated mitten, great for skiing as well as throwing snowballs!  Now it must be said that this is a controversial topic as some snowboarders and downhill skiers prefer gloves that have a wrist guard like Burton or Serious DaBone. It’s a matter of preference.

Ski Pants

Ski pants are a must on the slopes for both men, women, and kiddos. There are so many to choose from, but I found these ski pants that are made by the well-known brand Columbia. These pants are not only durable but insulated as well to keep you as warm as possible.


This could be one of the most important things you pack! A fleece is something that you can layer with your ski gear and something you can also lounge around in when you’re off the slopes and chilling in your yoga pants, leggings or jeans! From a personal stance, Patagonia has one of the warmest fleeces I have ever worn!

Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are a very important item for the sheer fact that you will need them to be able to see the stellar slopes in front of you. I have found that Blenders eyewear has some of the best goggles for this! They are very stylish and have interchangeable magnetic lenses.

Cold Weather Boots

You guessed it. None other than UGG will steal your heart. Whether you’re female, male, or a child you will find the shoe for you. They have super adorable and fluffy boots for comfort and leisure and then they have boots that are also made for frolicking around in the snow. Either one would be perfect. It just depends on what you prefer. Naturally, these are for the trip to the mountain and don’t take place of your ski boots.

Neck Gaiter or Sunblock

If you forget your neck gaiter at home make sure that you keep a high SPF sunscreen on hand because that polar white snow will most definitely give you a sunburn. You can find a ton of different neck gaiters online but so far I have found that these seem to be a crowd favorite! Nike carries a fleece neck gaiter and it is a polyester blend proven to keep you warm when that mountain wind whips around you as you sore down the trails.

Ski Socks 

Ski socks are incredibly important to prevent frostbite and to keep your ten little piggies dry and warm! They also act as compression socks since you will be on your feet for a large portion of your day. I have found that L.L. Bean carries a very industrial pair and they are also quite fashionable.


It is highly important to stay hydrated. You might feel cold and that can trick your body, but you will still need to be drinking a heavy amount of water when doing this extreme amount of physical activity that your body may not be conditioned too. Also, hydration helps with the altitude. That is why I bring you, the camelback. It’s not just a great idea for hiking, but for skiing too!

Ear Warmer Headband 

This is the perfect accessory to keep over your ears while skiing. It is less bulky than a hat under your helmet but will still be helpful in keeping you as warm as possible. Not only is this one warm and cozy but absolutely adorable! North Face really hit the target with this one!


You might not be one that has a runny nose on a regular day but we live off the joke “you better go catch it” here in Red River. Kleenex is a necessity when packing. If you run out you will be able to find plenty here in town.


I have found THE best beanie in the game and trust me you are going to absolutely love it. Not only is it attractive and functional but if you look at the color I linked to it will go with just about every outfit! Love Your Melon quite literally, hit this one on the head!

Chapstick with SPF 15+

The absolute worst thing that can happen to you while being in Red River on your ski adventure is to have chapped, bleeding, and sunburned lips. This chapstick will keep you safe the whole time you are here visiting! And if you forget your chapstick, no worries, we’ve got you covered! Just ask one of us in the office and we’ll be more than happy to give you some of our Reservations Unlimited chapstick that we keep fully stocked here in the office.

Polarized Sunglasses 

This is your one-stop shop to keeping those pretty eyes of yours protected in your winter wonderland extravaganza. When choosing a brand there were so many to pick from but I have to admit that Costas has been my absolute favorite over the years. They protect from the harshest glares that you might experience on a sunny day out on the snow.

Not only can dressing appropriately be an important task when preparing for your exciting ski adventure to Red River, but one thing a lot of people do not think about is the altitude change. If you’re coming from somewhere like Florida or Texas, for instance, it can be a struggle to acclimate quickly. Red River has an altitude of 8,671 ft whereas the highest point in Florida, for instance, is only 235 feet above sea level.

The oxygen bar has become a hot commodity in our quaint town of Red River. It helps everyone from near and far, catch up on some much-needed deep breaths. With the altitude being so much higher than most of our visitors are used to, we want to make sure that everyone stays as healthy as possible! This is why in preparation for your journey to the best adventure you will have, some good things to keep in mind are to stay hydrated, eat more carbohydrates than usual, and get an adequate amount of sleep. Rest up because an adventure awaits you here in Red River, NM!

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