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How to Vacation Like a Local in Red River

Welcome to the most popular one-square mile in the New Mexico Sangre de Cristo mountains. It’s easy to see why the locals always have stay-cations and not vacations. Even we don’t want to leave. And it’s easy to get to know everyone here in a short time in a place where only 477 people live, work and play in that one square mile.

We may be small but we do everything in a big way –  like an average of 168 inches of snow per year; and, we are host to the highest point in New Mexico. We can’t really take full credit for that but some of the locals might try. It’s also really easy to fit in around here: you must enjoy good food, good friends, family-friendly events and the great outdoors.

Be sure to stop by The Grill at Lift House and say hello to Rooster. He’s a bartender – not a real rooster. We don’t really allow animals in the lift house unless it’s on a plate with a side salad and a cold one. But Rooster will serve you up a tall drink and a tall story or two about what goes on around here. There are definitely some things he will share with you and some he will not. He’ll be happy to tell you about Torchlight Parade and Fireworks, a winter event you don’t want to miss.

Winter in Red River, NM

Once you are out of the Lift House and on the slopes, there are 67 trails and 7 lifts open at any given time during ski season. Skiing and tubing are two of the many ways we have fun. Closing day for both is around late March. Until then, enjoy the skiing, cross country skiing, tubing and, of course, Torchlight Parade and Fireworks every Saturday Night. Then we put away our skis for a while and get out our hiking boots.

Spring, Summer, and Fall in Red River, NM

We bath the horses; make sure the Off Road Vehicles are fueled and ready to go, and pump up the rafts for your Class I-III rapids and some Class III-IV rapids. Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime on the horses, the ATVs, or the rafts.

We have plenty of sites, hikes, and several other modes of transportation: mountain bikes, surrey bikes, and off-road vehicles all are waiting for you (or you can bring your own of course) from Spring through late Fall. Take the Bitter Creek Mountain Trail on horseback with the family; if you prefer your transportation with a motor, Red River Mountain Adventures has some great 4×4 trails and the equipment to get you there and back.

All 477 residents have some role to play here. But we don’t work all the time. On any given day, you might see your waiter from the night before on the slopes or out on the trail to the top Wheeler Peak – 13,157 ft. altitude without the attitude. Der Markt Food Store has everything you need to fuel the body for the hike. If you prefer, Capos can fill you up on carbs and the much-needed homemade lasagna to aid you in your hike.

Why not spend a little time in our one-square mile.  Be sure to stop by Reservations Unlimited office on Main Street for some other local tips and tricks. By the end of your stay, you will actually belong to us. Red River has a way of taking possession of your heart and never letting go. You may leave here, but a part of you will always long to return.

Say Hello to Rooster for us!

**Dates are subject to change for each year**

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