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New Mexico’s Favorite Spring Break Destination

Red River is one of the state’s most popular vacation destinations and it’s easy to see why! Between the climate, family-friendly attractions, and the natural beauty, Red River is the best Spring Break destination. Whether you’re looking to do some late skiing or escape to somewhere where you can wear pants and a light pullover, Red River has something for everyone. We offer many different housing options sleeping anywhere between 2 guests to 16 total! Our properties are desirable and can accommodate anyone.

Skiing in Red River

For that last ski trip of the year, it’s hard to beat Red River. The ski season usually ends around the third week of March but there is still enough snow to enjoy tubing and sledding. During this time of year, it is common to see skiers and snowboarders wearing t-shirts or light pullovers as they ski down the face. The sun is shining and it is common to get a sunburn while on the slopes so be sure to wear sunscreen! You may even catch a late snowstorm during this time so be sure to come prepared! This includes big ski coats, beanies, and gloves!

Hiking Trails in Red River

You may find hiking and bike trails that are without snow to enjoy. Snow could be melted at the bottoms but there could be snow towards the top of the trail so be sure to pack accordingly if you head out for a hike. Spend a couple hours out at Mallette Park while you play sand volleyball, let your children play on the playground, or even bring your skateboards for the new skate park that is located in Mallette!

Fishing in Red River

When in doubt of what to do early in the mornings before the day gets started, grab your fishing poles, bait, and fishing license and head out to the river for some early morning fishing. If you forget your bait or need a new fishing license, you’re in luck because you can purchase one from many of Red River’s stores or online at New Mexico Game & Fish.

Family and Pet Friendly

Reservations Unlimited has quite a few properties that are big enough for your family and pet-friendly. This is very important for some of our guests and homeowners as it can make your spring break trip to Red River that much better because Fido can come along too! The town of Red River is family and pet friendly as you can take your dog to eat with you to almost any restaurant. Most of the restaurants have patio dining and most are pet-friendly. Just see for yourself when you decide to grab lunch from Shotgun Willies this spring!

Make some incredible memories this spring break by booking a trip to Red River, New Mexico TODAY! Visit our website or give our office a call so that we can help find the perfect property for you! Whatever adventure you decide to go on, our town has something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you this spring break!

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