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Red River In The Eyes of Grandparents

One of the hottest trends is grandparents taking their grandchildren on vacation. Many of the families that vacation in Red River do so because that is where the older generations visited when they were younger. While vacationing in Red River, grandparents can teach their grandchildren about the history of Red River and enjoy activities they did as a young child, too.

Grandparents love to tell stories about when they were kids and this is an opportunity for them to take their grandchildren where these stories took place. If your great-great-grandpa worked in the mine in Red River back in the day, your grandma could take you almost to the exact location of where he worked during those times! This may involve a small hike or even a drive up the mountains but it allows time for everyone to talk and discuss the history of mining in Red River.

Fishing in Red River

Before fishing in Red River, you will need to have a New Mexico fishing license. Anyone that is over the age of 12 must have a current fishing license. You may purchase a license online or at Sitzmark in town. Fishing is a big thing to do and always has been. Some grandparents may know of secret fishing spots where they would catch the best of the best! So don’t share it on Instagram, it’s a secret.

Riding the Ski Lift to the Top

Another great activity for the whole family is to take the Scenic Summer Chairlift up to the Summit. This ride up the mountain is perfect to take the grandchildren on. This relaxing adventure takes you up 1600 feet where you can enjoy stunning views of Carson National Forest and the town of Red River. Take a hike through one of the many nature hiking trails located at the top of the mountain and then enjoy a nice burger at The Tip Restaurant after your adventure. If you happen to be in town on a weekend, take a trip up the chairlift on most Saturdays for Music on Top.

Riding ROV Trails in Red River

No one is ever too old to hop in an ROV and ride the mountain trails. Whether you decide to take a short trail like Pioneer Creek Trail and stop at the mining cave on the way up, or you pack a bag and head up to Goose Lake for the day. Any of the ROV trails in Red River are family-friendly and we are sure you will make memories that will last a lifetime. If you don’t have your own ROV then you can rent one through Weezie’s Wild Rides and take the kids out for a ride to Greenie Peak or Cabresto Lake.

Reserve a property with us and spend your evenings out on the porch or around the fire pit and enjoy time with your grandchildren. If you need help picking out a cabin for your future stay with us then check out our website or give our office a call! You and future generations will be glad you did.

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