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Red River- Small Town Charm

Red River was once the home of Ute and Jicarilla Apaches. Founded by explorers in the 19th century, it was known as River City. The mountains were then carved and worked into mines. Looking for gold, copper, and silver, mines were built and worked in for many years. This is how Black Copper was formed, as well as Golden Treasure. River City was run by miners and others passing through. River City had over twelve saloons where you could frequently find gambling and bar brawls. When the mining ended, homesteaders started renting cabins to visitors who wanted to escape the summer heat. Red River then began its reputation as a small mountain town.

Small town charm refers to the calm environment of a semi-urban area. The next time you visit Red River, take the time to check out some of the historical places. Red River’s Little Red School House was used as the school for Red River from 1912 until 1942. There is plenty to do in this small town. Eat, sleep, play, and shop in Red River, New Mexico. Enjoy the adorable shops and pick up a souvenir for a friend or family member.

You can really feel the small-town charm in Red River as you notice there are no franchise shops or restaurants in town. Everything you see here is locally owned. This is because the locals like having their town run on locally owned maw and paw shops, and restaurants. There is nothing better than going on vacations and eating good food that you can only get in one location. Some of these shops and restaurants are passed on from one generation to the next. Stores like All Seasons Sports have remained open for many years because of guests like you. By visiting Red River and spending time making memories with your friends and family, everyone that lives and works here is able to call this place home and a place you will always want to visit.

In the heart of Red River you can enjoy freshly baked sweets and ice cream shakes from Li’l Willies Shenanigans. You can also shop small at Red River’s newest business, Spruce. This cute shop has some of the cutest items and even has an area to create your own succulent. It is located on Main Street across from Doug’s Corner Golf Cart Rentals. One of the best things about small towns is that the locals will soon come to recognize and remember those who visit frequently. The connections you make with the locals as you visit their shops, sit, and eat dinner at their establishments make you come to know the people who call Red River home.

The locals in Red River work their hardest to give their guests a trip they will never forget. Be sure to plan your next trip to your favorite small town, Red River and start making those grassroots memories!

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