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Red River Wildlife in January

Red River is located in the middle of the Carson National Forest which offers a lot of different wildlife. Whether you’re skiing on the mountain, riding snowmobiles up Malette Park, or hanging out at a beautiful cabin with floor to ceiling windows you rented in the Upper Valley you’re bound to see some kind of wildlife out and about in the snow. Read about some of the wildlife you have a good chance of seeing while visiting us in the month of January!

Mule Deer in Red River

There are two types of mule deer in New Mexico, Rocky Mountain mule deer and the desert mule deer. You’ll find Rocky Mountain mule deer in and around Red River. Keep your eyes open as you might see fawn deer walking along with their mama and maybe even the dad! These animals are light on their feet and you might not know they’re there until they startle you. These quiet critters won’t harm you and are beautiful to watch roaming around. If you happen to see any, take some pictures and tag us on social media!

Bobcat in Red River

Believe it or not, you could come across a bobcat while vacationing in Red River. These animals are beautiful creatures but can be dangerous if they feel threatened. You may take pictures if you see any but please do not try to get too close. This could cause harm to the animal and yourself.

Bighorn Sheep in Red River

New Mexico’s Bighorn Sheep can often be found in the canyon between Red River and Questa. This curvy road can block your view of animals crossing the road. Be careful as these animals can sneak up on you and be in the middle of the street in the blink of an eye. These sheep love the mountainous habitat with small ledges that help protect them from predators such as coyotes, mountain lions, and bears.

Red Fox in Red River

The red fox is one of the most widely distributed members of the Carnivora in the Northern Hemisphere. Apart from its large size, the red fox is distinguished by its ability to adapt to its environment quickly. The red fox moves swiftly so always keep your eyes out for one sneaking across the white snow.

Enjoy the company of Red River’s wildlife but please do not feed them. Feeding them can result in harm to them later on down the road. The animals may become too friendly and can put you and your family in danger,which could lead to the animals being put down. We don’t want to harm any wildlife by feeding them human food. Be sure to throw away all trash into any of the brown dumpsters located throughout town, this can help keep animals out of harm’s way and help keep our little town clean!

It never hurts to keep bear spray in your vehicle while visiting Red River! If you don’t have any you can stop by Taos Mountain Outfitters and pick one up to keep on hand!

If you are looking to experience the Red River, NM wildlife, give us a call and we can help find you the perfect rental that will allow for the best experience possible. Call us at 575-404-7643 for more information and to book your adventurous vacation.

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