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Reduce Stress Levels with Mountain Getaways

Studies have shown that getting out in nature has many health benefits and can also reduce your stress levels. By spending time unplugged from your phone and experiencing the world, you may lower your stress hormones, improve memory, and reduce feelings of depression.

Sunshine and fresh air are good for your health. The increase of oxygen from the fresh air gives us more energy. By spending long weekends, or even a week in the mountains can help your mental wellbeing. This is especially true for snowy environments, so a trip to Red River during the winter can decrease your stress levels and depression.

Cold Weather Effect on Our Wellbeing

Being in a snowy environment has the same effect on your body as getting into an ice bath. This “cryotherapy” approach might sound awful, but it can help your body create a shock/stress response. With repetition, your body prepares itself for the state of stress when it comes to colder weather. By acclimating your body to cold temperatures your sleep quality is improved and your immune system will have a better response to sickness.

Sunlight’s Effects on Our Wellbeing

Increasing your time outside, especially in the sunshine of the gorgeous Sangre De Cristo Mountains, increases the amount of vitamin D your body needs. Vitamin D is necessary to help strengthen your bones. Come enjoy a summer weekend away from your busy life and relax in Red River with us! You are a lot closer to the sun when you visit your favorite mountain town. You can be even closer to the sun at 11,712 ft above sea level when you rent an OHV from Red River Mountain Adventures and take a cruise up to Goose Lake Trail this summer!

Exercise Effects on Our Wellbeing

Whether you’re skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or even just walking around town you are exercising. Some people use physical activity as a way to relieve stress. Exercise can improve our moods and give us more energy to put forth in our time outdoors. Grab your hiking bag or purchase one at Climates. Check out their facebook page for new inventory and stop by for all your necessities. 

Freedom in the Mountains

When you’re on vacation in the mountains, throw away your daily schedule. The only thing you should have on your agenda for the day is to make memories and have fun! Put down the computer, throw your phone on the counter and enjoy the beautiful mountain weather with the ones you love. Your trip to the mountains should be stress free and you should spend time doing everything you love, even if it includes doing absolutely nothing.

Next time you decide to plan a trip to Red River, add an extra day on your stay to just relax at the cabin and do nothing but watch wildlife, play board games, or go on a short walk with the dogs. Spend your vacation enjoying the time of being stress free!

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