Reservations Unlimited Has Partnered with Tailored Stay

****Tailored Stay is no longer available in Red River. This is a past post.*****

Have you planned your trip to Red River many times in the past and worried about how you are going to get your groceries there with you? Especially those of you that have to drive 10 plus hours. You’re trying to pack and load the car with many bags plus ice chests to keep the cold stuff cold, while also trying to drive hours without squishing the bread. If you don’t bring your groceries and have to stop by the Der Markt once you get to town with a loaded car and have nowhere to put your groceries, then what do you do? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Reservations Unlimited has partnered with Tailored Stay, which is a pre-arrival grocery delivery service. Simply go to our website, scroll down, click on Tailored Stay and begin your shopping. Listed below are a few different services they offer and how it works.

How Tailored Stay Works

Shop for all the groceries and necessities you could possibly need while on your vacation to Red River. Add items to your cart, type in the address of the property you are staying at, and pay your bill. Keep in mind that if you are ordering groceries that your order must be placed at least 72 hours in advance. You will then receive text communications if substitutions need to be made. You will also be notified once your order has arrived in your property with items in the fridge that need to be refrigerated. If you decide to order a celebration package you must submit your order at least 5 days in advance to ensure timely delivery. In order to custom build your own package, you must message them a week ahead to receive a quote and order exactly what you want in your package.

Grocery and Necessity Delivery in Red River

The most important and the most used is their grocery delivery. Scroll and shop through their website from your phone for any grocery items you may need. This includes baby items such as diapers, baby food, and bathing essentials. You can also order dog food and toys so that you don’t have to pack your dog’s food from home for those that are staying in our pet-friendly properties

Shop Celebration Packages

Premade, as well as building your own custom package, can be ordered to be placed in your vacation rental before your arrival. If you’re traveling with a birthday boy or girl, purchase their ‘Happy Birthday’ package which includes balloons, a chocolate cake, candles, plates, napkins, glasses, and even a bottle of wine (if age appropriate of course).

Send a ‘Just The Two of Us’ romance package to your friends who are celebrating a honeymoon or an anniversary. This wine, chocolate, and cheese tray package is a great addition to surprise your loved one with. 

Tailored Stay will only accept orders with a minimum of $100, excluding service fees. Service fees and placement fees are automatically charged to orders placed through Tailored Stay, although placement fees are only charged for grocery items. Please check their terms and conditions page for more information about cancellations, refunds, and fees. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to call or email Tailored Stay. We are so excited about this opportunity and we hope that it is something our guests will consider! 

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