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Spring in Red River

Are you looking for somewhere to go that’s perfect during the spring? If you are looking for many different things to do with your family surrounded by gorgeous scenery then Red River is your next destination. Pack your bags and come see us this Spring here in Red River! Here are just a few reasons why we think you should bring the family for a getaway!

You may be limited on places to eat for a couple weeks during Spring here in Red River. That is only because spring is one of our slower seasons, but that also means you get the best rentals at some of the lowest prices of the year and a chance to enjoy pure serenity!

Red River, NM Weather

The weather here in Red River is just one of the many reasons to come up during the Spring. It’s not too hot or cold during the day. This is the time of year and the perfect place to wear just a light jacket or pullover during the day. Make sure to pack your rain jacket too, as it rains quite often. One thing is for sure like any mountain destination the weather can be quite unpredictable and occasionally we have had a bit of snow in the spring months. That’s what makes it an adventure and who doesn’t enjoy a mountain adventure?

One of our favorite things to do in the evenings is to build a fire, roast hotdogs and make s’mores for dessert along with a couple bottles of wine from our local Sheehan Winery, a new location right here in Red River. Don’t forget to bring your favorite card and board games to play with friends as you’re sitting out on the patio in the evenings at one of our highly sought after rentals.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in Red River is a must-do, as there are many different trails to ride. Red River Stables offer rides as short as 1 hour, and one as long as 8 hours. Be sure to make reservations early because spots are limited on a daily basis and they fill up fast. Get ready to saddle up and hear all the amazing facts about our little town. You may also want to contact our friends at  Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures for horseback riding information as well.

White Water Rafting

Are you feeling dare devilish? If so, then check out Far Flung Adventures or Sitzmark to book your white water rafting tickets for either half of a day or a full day. You can choose between 2 rafting locations and different levels ranging from 1 being the easiest to 4 being hard and thrill seeking! Remember the more snow we had the better the rafting will be!


Hiking is one of the top attractions here in Red River. Load up some friends, throw on your hiking shoes, pack a small lunch, and get ready to hike any of the trails that we have to offer. Ask any local in town what is one of our favorite things to do and most of us will say that we like to go hiking. No matter how many times we have hiked the same trail, we always enjoy it over and over again. If you plan on hiking one of the longer trails, pack to camp! Camping and fishing are some other popular things to do while in Red River.

ATV & OHV Trails

Bring your ATV, OHV or rent one here from Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures and explore the trails throughout Red River. Make sure to read the new rules and regulations when it comes to OHVs and ATVs so that everyone stays safe.

Memorial Day in Red River

If you happen to be in Red River during memorial day weekend, get ready to see a lot of things, including all the motorcycles you could imagine! This weekend is one of our busiest weekends in Red River, NM as people come from all over to enjoy our mountain town for a well-earned extended weekend.

From the wonderful weather to the trails, there is a reason we have friends visiting us during this time. Don’t wait much longer to book, we are waiting for you.

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