Summer Ski View in Red River, NM

Summer Ski View

The Ski View in Red River, NM during the winter is a picturesque combination of freshly fallen snow on the valley and the small town lights below that is sure to take your breath away. But what about during the summer? How are the skiers going to enjoy the ski view if there’s no snow?

Trick question! You don’t need snow to enjoy the ski view in Red River. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the same beautiful views during the summer as you would skiing down the mountain.

Scenic Chair Lift in Red River

The Scenic Chair Lift Rides are a relaxing way to enjoy the breathtaking views of this town nestled in the valley and the Carson National Forest that surrounds us. Soak up the views of the Carson National Forest as the ski lifts bring you up the mountain. While at the top, Summit Camp offers a few mountain-high activities before you descend back down to Base Camp. Why not enjoy a round of 18-hole disc golf while sipping on a cold beer and listening to the live music on the deck?

Make sure to have your cameras handy so you can snap a picture of the sun peeking behind the mountain before you descend back down to the bottom of Black Mountain.

Mountain Biking in Red River

If you’re looking for the ski view with a side of adrenaline then hop on a mountain bike and start exploring the trails down the mountain. (Just be aware, the trails down are a little tricky and are not for beginner bikers.)

Tubing in Red River

But what if mountain biking isn’t your adventure of choice? Then go ahead and grab a tube and start sliding down the mountain! Our Summer Mountain Tubing will give you the same rush of skiing down the mountain with the wind in your face, just without the snow. It’s sure to make any skier feel right at home on the adventurous Black Mountain.

What’s our favorite way to enjoy the ski view you ask? By simply relaxing on the porch after a long day exploring the mountain! We love throwing some food on the grill and spending time with friends and family while the sun sets behind the mountain. You’ll want to make sure to stop by Yesterday’s Diner on the way and pick up some pie for dessert. Don’t get too caught up in the moment though, because just when you thought the ski view couldn’t get any more peaceful, the New Mexico sky explodes with colors of yellow, orange and red to paint a sunset that’s indescribably beautiful.

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