Tips For Caring for Your Vacation Amenities

Taking care of the special amenities in any rental property is very important and can save you money. All of our properties have special amenities that will make your vacation that much better. Whether you’re excited about the hot tub, building a fire in the fireplace, or washing your dirty clothes after a day of riding ROVs. Help us take care of these amazing properties by treating them as they were your own vacation home.

Hot Tubs in Red River Rental

It’s important that there is supervision when it comes to children and minors using the hot tubs. Keep the number of people in the hot tub at its capacity which is often around 3-4 people. We ask that you do not drink or smoke while in the hot tubs as it can be dangerous to you but it can also be detrimental to the hot tub. No pets are allowed in the hot tub and no one under the age of 12 should be in the hot tub. It is New Mexico law that you must shower before and after hot tub use. Hot tubs are checked before every arrival and after each departure. Please let us know if there are any issues you have with the hot tub while you are still in Red River. This can help us ensure there is nothing broken when you check out.

Fire Pits in Red River Rental

Before starting a fire in a fire pit, be sure to clean it out. This will give you more room for wood and will ensure that your fire will stay lit. It’s important that you clean up any brush that is close to the fire pit so that it doesn’t catch on fire and spread. Remember that you should not build your fire bigger than the fire pit itself and firewood is not provided to guests free of charge during the summer season.

Gas Fireplace in Red River Rental

Gas fireplaces in some of our properties are great for keeping the property warm without the smell of smoke of a wood-burning fireplace. These types of fireplaces can be easier to use and you won’t have the hassle of cleaning them out before and after each use. Some of the gas fireplaces in our properties are controlled by the thermostat, so be mindful of the temperature setting. Please note any instructions for the gas fireplace in the owner’s manual and be sure to turn it off when leaving the premises.

Wood Burning Fireplace in Red River Rental

Our properties that have wood-burning fireplaces in them can keep your home warm during those cold winter nights. Wood-burning fireplaces can be messy and let out smoke in the house if you aren’t careful. Be sure to keep the flue open and the door of the fireplace closed so the house doesn’t fill with smoke. You should clean out the ashes in the fireplace before placing wood inside. Wood is provided only in the winter to the properties with wood-burning fireplaces. If you wish to build fires in the summer months you can purchase wood from our office.

Gas Stove in Red River Rental

A gas stove is a great stove especially during the winter storms when power goes out. These stoves give you the ability to cook meals if there is a loss of power. However, these are not a wise choice to use as an alternate heater.

Garbage Disposal in Red River

All trash in your property must be taken to any of the brown dumpsters located around town. If you are staying at a property in the Upper Valley, it is your responsibility to bring all your trash to town to the dumpster. There are dumpsters in town by the horse stables and located on both River Street and High Street. Make sure to lock the dumpsters after dumping your trash. This helps keep bears from digging in the dumpsters and bringing out all the trash.

Washer and Dryers in Red River Rental

There is nothing better than getting to your rental property for the week and finding a washer and dryer in the property. Doing laundry throughout your stay in Red River will save you time once you get home from your vacation. You might find that some properties have leftover detergent and fabric softener. You are more than welcome to use these if needed.

When checking out of these properties it should be as neat as it was when you checked in. Help us by taking out your trash, cleaning out the wood-burning fireplaces, and starting your dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

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