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Tips for Storing Winter Gear

It may be time to break out your winter gear for your holiday trip to Red River but there are some things we need to discuss when it comes to storing your gear throughout the year. Limited closet space is a daily struggle especially when you have to store your cold winter gear like coats, gloves, scarves, and ski clothes. We have some tips for you on how and where to store your winter gear so that it looks the same way when you pull it out for your winter trip to Red River as it did when you put it away.

Wash Then Store

You’d think that you wouldn’t have to wash your clothes before putting them away for the season right? Well you’d be wrong because storing clothes with stains or odors can make cleaning them up at a later date that much harder. If you store your winter gear and it isn’t clean it can attract bugs and pests. Next time you’re in town stop by any of our ski stores, such as All Seasons and ask what’s the best way to wash your winter gear. You will thank us when the time comes to pull out your winter gear and it smells of fresh laundry.

Pack Your Ski Clothes Separately

Packing your winter gear in a separate tote before you head out on a winter vacation is one tip that we can’t argue with. Packing your gear in a separate tote will prevent water damage and mishaps. It may be tempting to cram as much as you can into one container but it’s best to pack your winter gear away in multiple totes. Your favorite puffy jacket could lose its shape by the time you pull it out next winter if you stuff too much into one tote. Labeling a tote for each member of your family is a good way to pack winter gear without losing anything in the process. This also makes it easier when it’s time to bring them out.

Store in a Dry and Dark Location

A cool and dry environment is ideal to store winter gear or any clothing for that matter. The temperature in outside sheds and attics can differentiate between extremely low and extremely high temperatures. A good place to store your clothing is under a bed or in a closet of a spare bedroom or office.

Use Deodorizers

There is a big chance that over time your clothing items that are stored away can begin to smell musty. Washing your gear and throwing in a few dryer sheets into the plastic totes can help keep your clothing smelling good. Listed below are some general rules when it comes to packing up your winter gear.

  • Winter coats- zip all zippers, button the buttons, and gently fold all coats. If you have a fur coat then you should hang it.
  • Boots- winter boots should be stored in a plastic tote with a pillowcase or an old shirt in between them. If you don’t have boot forms, now would be the time to purchase them to help boots keep their shape while in storage.

Snowboard and Ski Storing

Before storing your snowboards and skis you should clean them. The best way to do this is with a water hose and a towel. Spray everything down to get rid of dirt, salt, and road grime. You’ll want to wax the base of your skis or snowboard to keep them from oxidation. Use room temperature wax and be generous with it.

Use these tips and know that when you pull out your winter coat for the winter season that it will look and smell as perfect as it did when you put it away.

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