Tips for Traveling with Baby to the Mountains

Red River Baby Trip

Who says that you can’t travel with a baby? Yes, it can be difficult, but it can be done! Through personal experience, we have created this guide of “Tips for Traveling with a Baby to the Mountains” to help new parents navigate their way to Red River as easily as possible. First, we must say that every baby is different so some of these tips may work for some but not for others. Traveling with a baby really is a trial and error until you find what works best for you. We have found that these tips are the most helpful for our road trips to the mountains. 

Plan for Several Stops to Red River

This tip is important and inevitable. Depending on your baby and their stage in life, you should plan to stop every 1-3 hours. Why is this important? Your baby needs breaks just like you do. This may include stopping at a short hiking trail or even a sit-down restaurant to eat and allow everyone to stretch their legs. Diaper changes and feedings should be done at almost every stop to ensure that your baby doesn’t get hungry 20 minutes down the road.

Baby Carrier/Wraps For Your Trip to Red River

Moby wraps or anything that wraps around you and will hold a baby comfortably can be handy when it comes to bathroom breaks during your travel. Your moby wrap wraps around you and ties, creating a pocket for the baby to slide into and be secure so that you have both hands free. Wraps and carriers are great, even for those single parents who travel on their own. By using one of these you can use the restroom, gather drinks and snacks, and pump your gas all while having a baby against you.

Plan Driving Around Naps

If possible, plan your drive time around your baby’s sleep schedule. Some prefer to drive at night so that their baby will sleep most of the way and only wake up for feedings and diaper changes. Remember to stop every couple of hours to give your baby a break from his or her car seat and allow them to stretch their legs with activities. You may also want to try and leave in the early morning after one of your baby’s wake times. 

Be Prepared to Pack MORE

It’s okay if your baby’s bag is bigger than yours, it most likely will be with all the extra pairs of clothes, diapers, and wipes you will have to pack. Including the stroller, pack-n-play, and bath necessities, it will add up. Packing up the car can be a puzzle and it might take practice, but don’t let it scare you. When loading the car for your road trip to the mountains of Red River it is best to keep any baby items close to you or within reach. Items to keep within close proximity are baby bottles, a travel bottle warmer, and a diaper bag with toys. A portable bottle warmer is the easiest way to heat up bottles while traveling on the road. If you plan way in advance then you should call our office* to see what baby items we have in the property you are staying in so that you aren’t packing something that is there available for you to use.

Tips for Changing Baby on Your Road Trip to Red River

What works for some may not work for others so try it all and then stick with what works best for you. Some parents don’t like taking their little babies into bathrooms at gas stations to change their diapers because it can be gross and that is okay. Those parents may prefer to make room in the car and change the baby with a travel diaper mat

I hope you have found this helpful and are ready to spend some time in Red River with us. We look forward to seeing you and meeting your newest family member when you are in town!

*We try to keep highchairs and playpens available for guests such as your little one. First come, first serve, as our supply is limited.

*There aren’t any babysitters or daycare options in Red River. Bring someone you trust or take turns on the mountain if you are hitting the slopes!

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