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Have you ever been to Red River, NM, during the month of April? It’s not a popular time for some to travel to a town of serenity, but we can tell you that it is still a great time to visit your favorite mountain playground. April is the best time to avoid crowds but still enjoy the beautiful nature and scenery—all while saving money! We have put together some tips for your trip during the month of April for those looking for some peace and quiet.

Pack for ALL Types of Weather When Visiting Red River

The weather during the month of April is unpredictable, and it is almost guaranteed that you will find yourself in a random snowstorm or rainstorm or that you will have great weather to enjoy all the outdoor activities that Red River has to offer. As the weather becomes warmer, you will be able to head outside for a walk around town or the Upper Valley, depending on where you are staying.

Prepare to Relax and Enjoy the Calm Atmosphere

April is considered to be Red River’s off-season because most shops and restaurants shut down to enjoy a small break before the start of summer. This is a great time to visit because you don’t have to worry about stopping by all the shops and restaurants if you are just wanting to escape the madness of everyday life. You can take the time to enjoy the property you rented and spend time with friends and family. As the snow begins to melt away, the wildlife will start to come out and visit. Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit by a window or out on the deck, and watch for deer and other enchanting wildlife.

Take Time to Explore the Enchanted Circle

The Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway is 84 miles long and is a great way to spend a day touring the towns around Red River. Also known as the Land of Enchantment, the Enchanted Circle offers plenty to do and see. This drive showcases the best of New Mexico’s heritage and offers beautiful views. As you drive through the different towns, look for the Enchanted Circle markers to help guide your way. Be sure to stop for lunch at one of Taos’s top-notch eateries. Read more about exploring the top things to do on your adventure through the Enchanted Circle

Go Rock Hounding in Red River

Rockhounding is an experience in itself and can be done in Red River, New Mexico. Hours can be spent rockhounding where you can find topaz, quartz, amethyst, and even New Mexico’s state gemstone, turquoise. It’s time to put on your hiking shoes, pack a lunch, and head out to find treasure. Getting muddy and looking under rocks is a great way to enjoy the blue skies and fresh air. Read up on the rules and private property boundaries before you head out on your first or next rockhounding adventure. 

Prepare for the Altitude

Altitude affects people differently, but there are steps you can take before leaving your house and heading to Red River. Start by drinking plenty of water a couple of days before your trip and continue this during your travel days. Keeping yourself hydrated before and during your trip to Red River can decrease your chances of getting altitude sickness.

We hope to see you in April. Our rates are at their lowest during this time, so it’s a win-win for our guests who are looking for peace and quiet and a chance to connect with nature. Don’t forget to book directly on our website or call our office to save money. April is the most affordable time of the year to visit our small town!

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