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Top Fishing Lakes in Northern New Mexico

Northern New Mexico is teaming with a multitude of fish species. If you’ve been dying to break out your fishing rods, you need to know exactly which lakes have the best fishing available. The good news is that the rivers feed some of the most active lakes in the region, and you can take advantage to explore some great bass, salmon and pike fishing. Here are our five favorite lakes for fishing in New Mexico:

Navajo Lake State Park

Navajo Lake State Park is easily accessible and is home to many different kinds of fish. Most notably, you can catch both brown and rainbow trout, salmon, catfish, bass, and even bluegill. While the dam and marina attract thousands of people every year to this gorgeous outdoor escape, there is plenty of room to find a private fishing spot away from the crowds. While you’re here, you can even explore a little ways up the San Juan River, which is well-known for its trout.

Heron Lake

Heron Lake is home to some truly legendary fish. They boast of having 20-lb trout in the waters, and many anglers head to this lake to see if they can get one for themselves. Of course, catching a 20-lb fish requires more than your average skillset, so this is really for those who are dedicated to mastery of the craft, and those willing to invest in the proper equipment to catch such a fish. Of course, the home is also home to a variety of other fish like black and white trout as well.

El Vado Lake

When you head to El Vado Lake, you really get more than you bargained for. While El Vado Lake itself is full of trout and salmon, it is also central to a number of smaller lakes and tributaries in the area. If you are willing to go on a bit of an adventure, you can explore some of these hidden fishing holes to discover a wealth of fishing opportunities.

Eagle Nest Lake

Eagle Nest Lake is a favorite destination for fishing throughout the year. The unique mountainous atmosphere allows the lake to freeze over in the winter months. At this time, you can head out to do some incredible ice fishing for enormous rainbow trout. During the summer, you can also enjoy this area thanks to the elevation which keeps things cool and comfortable while you’re out on the water enjoying the views and the adventures of fishing.

Springer Lake

Fishing in New Mexico would not be complete without checking out Springer Lake. This lake is known for its Northern pike population in particular. It is also located relatively close to a wildlife refuge that feeds the area with perch and several other fish species. If you are going for a variety in your fishing experience, Springer Lake is a stop you have to make.

The time is now to start packing for fishing in New Mexico. These five lakes offer some of the most exciting fishing in the Northern New Mexico region, and you will have tons of fun exploring all the different fishing environments that exist as you cross through the area. From man-made dams to secret mountain fishing holes, there is plenty for you to enjoy. Contact Reservations Unlimited today to plan your trip and learn about guided trips to all of our great lakes.

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