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Top Gear For Snowboarders and Skiers

When it comes to riding down the mountain on a snowboard, you will want to have the best of the best gear. You might even wonder what to wear the next time you’re out on the mountain in Red River. We will lay out the basics that will keep you warm and in style!

Here’s a quick list of gear one should wear while snowboarding or skiing:

  • Long johns
  • Snowboard or ski socks
  • Snowboard or ski jacket
  • Snowboard or ski pants/bibs
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Neck gaiter 

Why Gear Is Important

Long johns are a layer of clothing that will keep you warm underneath your basic pants and jacket. Depending on the outside weather conditions, you’ll want lightweight or midweight attire. You may also wear your undergarments you would wear while hunting; leggings are a go to for women.

Snowboard socks are taller than your boots and not too thick. Stance makes tall socks that are great for snowboarding. DO NOT double up on socks as this can cause your boots to not fit correctly and cause blisters. If you get the right socks, I promise you that your feet will not freeze!

Usually, water-resistant or waterproof ski jackets are well-insulated and will keep you dry and warm while out on the slopes. Like ski jackets, ski or snowboard pants are insulated and keep snow from entering your boots. You may want to add fleece pants underneath, depending on the weather outside! When purchasing snowboard jackets and pants, look for the ones with zippered vents. Unzip these anytime you get warm and allow the cool mountain air to cool you down. Bibs are great for younger kids as they are just one piece, along with a jacket. This can make bathroom trips faster and easier than ski pants with multiple layers.

Some people prefer mittens over gloves because strapping your board on can be easier with mittens. Gloves can be bulkier and can cause you to remove them every time you strap in, and can make your hands cold. You do not need ski or snowboarding gloves, but they may have some features that make your life a little easier, such as built-in goggle wipes and they go further up your arms to keep snow from entering. Hand warmers and foot warmers are good to have on hand, especially during the colder days.

A helmet is important for snowboarders and skiers because it protects your head and keeps your head and ears dry and warm. Helmets do not come with your snowboard rental but our friends down at Sitzmark can add a helmet to your rentals!

Goggles can protect your eyes from snow and glare from the sun. You may also wear sunglasses if you don’t have goggles and would like to protect your eyes.

Neck gaiters are important if it’s really cold. This can be pulled over your face and cover your cheeks and nose from the freezing temperatures. Chapstick and sunblock should be your best friend while out on the slopes as the sun’s reflection can burn your face and the wind blowing on your face as you whip down the mountain can sting your lips.

Layering your clothing is the way to go when snowboarding. As the day gets warmer you can shed layers and still be comfortable. You would rather have enough layers of clothing than not enough. If you are going snowboarding for the first time, then it isn’t necessary to splurge on your gear. Borrow the necessities for your first time and then purchase your own if snowboarding is something that you want to do regularly.

We hope this helps you prepare for your trip to Red River on your next winter adventure. When in doubt, come with more than what you need, as it’s best to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! We look forward to seeing you on the slopes!

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