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Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas here in Red River and all through the town, there were plenty of happy children to be found.  They were giggling and baking their sugar cookies with care for one of the most exciting nights of the year. The elk, deer and mountain lions all pranced through the forest knowing that today was going to be a big night! One particular deer was strolling through this little town of Red River when he spotted the sweetest little family through a big glass window. He stood there as a little boy stared at him in his big brown eyes and before he ran off he gave the little boy a wink, just to remind him that there was magic in the air!

While looking out the cold windowpane at the snow falling down little Cooper said, “Daddy, what if Santa can’t find us because we went on vacation?” His daddy replied with much haste stating “of course Santa will find you! We left him a note back at home saying to meet us in the magical snowy town of Red River!” Cooper then smiled and looked at his little sister Bentley and said “I knew it! I just knew it! As long as we believe, this Christmas will be the best one ever!” The smell of freshly baked sugar cookies and the sound of fire crackling throughout their adorable Reservations Unlimited cabin made for a magical Christmas this family will never forget!

Every year the children get to open two presents on Christmas Eve. They were always picked out for them and a gold star was placed next to their names so that they would know which ones to grab. Each year they both would get a set of Christmas pajamas and a Christmas book. After opening their presents they were both so excited they ran to their rooms and changed into their new footie pajamas while their mommy put “The Grinch” on, the family’s absolute favorite Christmas movie! While their mommy snuck into the back bedroom to finish some last-minute wrapping, she couldn’t help but smile while hearing the sound of laughter coming from the living area.  When the movie was over they collected their blankets and childhood stuffed animals and trotted off to bed. Mommy tucked Bentley in and kissed her sweet little rosy cheeks. She reminded her that she needs to fall asleep fast in order for Santa to come! They began to read Bentley’s book together and her mommy reminded her that above all else Christmas was about the gift of giving. This was a time to be selfless and to love the time you get to spend with one another. Cooper’s dad took him to bed and tucked him in his own special way. Soon the children fell asleep and dreamed of the winter wonderland they were experiencing this year.

Their mommy and daddy tiptoed out to the living room where they made a cup of hot chocolate with “grown-up spice” and spent a few moments quietly sitting next to the fire and taking in the magic of Christmas. They cuddled up with a blanket and stared out the window admiring the snowfall that this precious town displayed for them. They couldn’t help but tear up at the thought of how excited their children would be to play with their toys Santa would bring before going outside and building a real snowman. It was a Christmas that this particular family would absolutely never forget. They made a promise that night, to come back every few years, no matter how big their sweet little babies grew. The Christmas magic of Red River is like no other. Merry Christmas y’all, from your friends at Reservations Unlimited.

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