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What to Expect at Mardi Gras in Red River

 Yes, Mardi Gras in New Mexico. We bet you didn’t expect that!  New Orleans isn’t the only place to enjoy fun, food, frolic and great favor with the Mardi Gras spirit – Wild Tchoupitoulas (shop-a-too-lus).

Our 6 days of events kick off with the Krewe Crawl downtown to the point of The Burning of Tchoupitoulas. Bring your worries and troubles written on paper and lay at his feet so the fire can take them away and rid you of your troubles. Tchoupitoulas can handle it!

And so it begins – this year’s theme is “Beads and Bling – A Mardi Gras Thing”. Now that your troubles are gone, adorn yourself in beads, costumes or masks and enjoy live music, parades and contests throughout town. We are only one mile square so getting from one venue to another is easy!

Music, Parades and Fun Events For Everyone

Our events range from G-Rated, PG-Rated to R-Rated. Choose the events that suits your style. Red River is known for being kid-friendly. We have something for everyone. Enjoy family friendly events and parades with the little ones down Main Street presented by local krewes. Yell, “Throw me something, Mister!” and collect an array of beads and goodies. Kids costume contest and Gator Plunge will surely get them, and you, in the spirit of Carnival Season.

Some of the more adult-only events include the Drink Making Contest presented by the Krewes.  You may be chosen to be a Judge to vote which concoction you believe will please Wild Tchoupitoulas the most. (Even the non-winning drinks are really, really good. He wasn’t called Wild for nothing, you know.)

Music by Forest Huval and the Bon Temps, a Louisiana Native band, will have you hitting the dance floor with some Fais-do-do in Cajun and Zydeo Style of Music. Don’t worry that you might not know how…….we will gladly teach you. You will think you have magically been transported to the swamps, except for the possibility of snow-capped mountains in the background. Many other local bands will be playing throughout the 6 days and nights.

Watch and enjoy all of the events. If you prefer to be a part of a krewe, we welcome you to join one already in existence, or create your own! Gather a few friends, get a name for your Krewe and join the fun.  As part of a krewe, you can participate in the parades. Build your own float, play an instrument or simply join the parade and share some beads! You can also go to the Krewe Balls! Now you are rocking Mardi Gras – New Mexico style. You can’t do that in the Big Easy! So bring some beads and your ideas and let’s do Mardi Gras.

Real Cajun Food

Jambalaya, crawfish pie and filé (fee-lay) gumbo……it’s all likely to be here. You won’t want to miss the Cajun cooking contest. Sample them all and pick your favorite!

As each day comes to an end, you can Krewe Crawl back to your accommodations to repair for the next day’s fun.

You can certainly expect the unexpected here. So head our direction for Mardi Gras and –

“Laissez les bon temps rouler!”

in Red River, New Mexico. Wild Tchoupitoulas would certainly approve!

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