Why April is an Amazing Time of Year in Red River

April in Red River

Red River can display all four seasons within the month of April and it is a great time to visit. April is considered to be our off-season, making it one of the most affordable times to visit. The snow is less predictable, causing the local ski area to close, but the hiking trails and ROV trails begin to thaw out, which gives more opportunity for more fun. 

The Weather in Red River

You can expect the mountainside to start thawing out as temperatures rise to the mid-50s during the month of April. The temperatures can still be in the 30s at night, but that’s okay, especially if you are staying at a property with a fireplace. Start a fire and read a book after a day spent hiking, fishing, or ROVing outdoors.

Hiking Trails in Red River

Some of the hiking trails begin to thaw early in the season. If you plan to hike during April, we recommend packing hiking boots and poles or sticks so that you may be prepared for any trail. Located at the base of the mountain, the Red River Nature Trail goes two miles along the river with interpretive signs along the way. Columbine Trail is another easy trail located between Red River and Questa. Most of the longer hikes are not completely open during this time due to snow.

Animals are also coming out of hibernation and look to travel the path of least resistance, which can be where you would hike. Learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of Bear Country before heading out, and always carry bear spray.

Endless Fishing Opportunities in Red River

If you’re looking to get away from town to fish for dinner, pack a picnic and drive over to Cabresto Lake. Located just 19 miles outside of Red River, this gorgeous 15 acre lake is one of the few places to fish for brook trout in New Mexico. Eagle Nest Lake is just 20 miles down the road and is stocked and open year-round for fishing. Here, you can fish for Kokanee Salmon, which loves the cold waters of the 2400 acre lake. This lake is home to not only this land-locked salmon but also several species of trout, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, channel catfish, and much more! Once you have caught your fish, head back to Red River and stop by Der Markt Food Store. They will have everything you need to prepare a feast!

Lowest Rates of the Year in Red River!

As mentioned before, the month of April offers the lowest nightly rates of the year. Although many locals take time off to rest, there is still so much to do. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to save some money, April is the month to do that. The town is quiet, wildlife is out and about, and you can enjoy the mountain weather in one of our vacation rental properties at a great price. 

Book directly with us, and you can save even more money! There’s nothing better than saving your hard-earned cash and visiting your favorite mountain town at the same time! Call our office or visit our website to find a property that suits your family’s needs. 

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