Why Pet Parents are Choosing a Red River Vacation

Are you dreaming of a vacation where you can take your pet with you? Then Red River is the place for you. Our town is a top pet-friendly vacation destination with many options of where to stay and things to do.

Pet-Friendly Properties

Pet-Friendly properties are becoming more common in Red River due to the fact that over 78% of guests prefer to travel with their pets. Here at Reservations Unlimited, we have 21 pet-friendly properties including all the rooms at Ponderosa Lodge. Many of our pet-friendly cabins are in town, with a few more in the Upper Valley. When traveling with pets, be sure to let us know, so that we may find the perfect cabin for you and your pet.

Vacation Time at the Dog Park

Located right beside the town library there is a dog park that is open to all visitors. This is a great opportunity for your dog to meet and play with other dogs as well as run off some energy. Right outside the entrance to the dog park is a waste bin along with waste bags to clean up after your pet. Take your pets on a walk through town and stop by both parks. Brandenburg is located in the middle of town and it is a great place to hang out. Mallette Park is located off of High Street and behind Sitzmark. Mallette Park has a skatepark and jungle gyms as well as many open areas for dogs to play. You and your pet are sure to have a blast.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

There are a few restaurants in town that allow pets on their outdoor patios. If you are looking to eat at the Brewery, be sure to ask about sitting on their patio with your dog. Sometimes they will offer a dog bowl of water for your pet. Shotgun Willies, Dairy Bar, and Yesterday’s Diner also have tables outside so that you can enjoy your meal and not have to leave your pet outside alone. Call any restaurant for takeout and enjoy your meal elsewhere in town.

Hiking is Great for You and Your Pet

Your fur baby wants to hike as much as you do. So grab their leash and water and start on your trail. There are 10 different hiking trails to choose from. You may start out on the Nature Trail, which is 3.2 miles total. This trail is great for everyone, especially beginners. The Nature Trail is accessible all year round. One of the most advanced hiking trails here is Wheeler Peak, the highest peak in New Mexico, and is about 9 miles one way. Be sure to have access to plenty of drinking water for you and your pet.

ROV Trails

Whether you brought your own or you rent one from one of the local shops, such as Weezie’s, you may take your pet along with you. What better way to enjoy a trail ride, then with your best fur friend right beside you as you hit the trails with the wind in your hair and Fido by your side?

No matter the time of year you visit, the weather here is ideal for everyone including pets! During the summer, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities with friends and family including the four-legged ones! Give us a call and let us help you plan your next vacation getaway. Our team and the town looks forward to seeing you and your fur babies soon!

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