10 Tips for Your Red River Wedding

Picture this, you wake up the morning of your wedding day and walk outside to see deer walking through the yard. You still can’t believe it so you have to pinch yourself. Today will be one of the best days of your life, so get ready. You’re drinking coffee with your best friends in the beautiful Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Red River, New Mexico. What better way to celebrate the best day of your life than to be in one of the most gorgeous places getting ready to marry your partner for life.

  1. Getting married in Red River is a destination wedding for most of the couples who decide to do it. In order to make things easier for the engaged couple, hire a wedding planner. Lucky for you, Karen Kelly, also known as KWK Events, is right here in town to guide and help you throughout the whole process. Karen will help you schedule meetings with vendors and cross things off the list one-at-a-time.
  2. RESEARCH everything about Red River and what it has to offer when it comes to weddings and elopements. You can decide to do an elopement or a small intimate ceremony. Some couples may decide to go big and that is okay too. There are so many different spots to hold a ceremony of all sizes. Do whatever you want, it is your big day!
  3. It is never too early to start planning your Red River wedding. Plan it early enough so that you can give your guests enough time to save money and take time off from work for the exciting trip.
  4. Interview vendor candidates ahead of time and do some of this process in person if you can. You want to pick the perfect person when it comes to deciding who you are going to trust with the details of your wedding. For example, you want to pick the ones that you have a connection with. This applies to everything from the DJ to your photographer and everything in between.
  5. Be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you. You have to be okay with slight changes if you’re getting married outside and a random storm rolls through! Keep an eye on the weather and make sure everyone else is watching too.
  6. Assuming that you have been to our beautiful town before, pick a location that is sentimental to you. It is very common that people choose Red River because it has a special meaning to them.
  7. Explore the abundance of lodging options that Red River has to offer. Reservations Unlimited can help you find the perfect property or properties that fit the needs you have. We can easily accommodate anywhere from 2 people or up to 20 people in a single property. Our team can help you find the perfect place to spend your first night as husband and wife along with housing for friends and family. For the ceremony, or reception be sure to check out our larger properties, or we can help you pick based on our experience with previous gatherings.
  8. Of course, budgeting is important when it comes to any wedding. With Red River being a small town, most of your vendors will have to travel to you meaning that the prices will increase for travel and lodging.
  9. Look into the local restaurants for rehearsal dinner options such as The Brewery. A few other options for catering are Shotgun Willies, and Major Bean. So keep those in mind when it comes to choosing food.
  10.  Finally, focus on the big picture. This day is all about you two, so don’t stress the little things. ENJOY your wedding day and whoever might be there celebrating with you because it goes by fast.

The best part about getting married in Red River, NM is that it’s a wedding and vacation all in one. Start planning your wedding and bring your family to see this beautiful mountain town. We look forward to seeing you!

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