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Find Your Zen in the Mountains

Mountains have always been sacred places, especially to those who are looking to find peace. The mountains, just like everyone else, are alive and have spirit. Oftentimes it can be hard to find our zen in the normal day-to-day life. We wake up, take the kids to school, go to work, take the kids to ball practice, come home and have dinner, the list goes on. During our long daily routines, we have no time to relax and enjoy quiet time. It is important to take breaks, especially long ones to the mountains in order to keep your sanity. Listed below are some ways to find your zen in the mountains of Red River, NM.

Hiking in Red River

What better way than to find peace and relaxation than taking a hike. Red River, NM offers many hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult and you can find them here. The Red River Nature Trail is an easy trail and just one mile long. This trail is great for beginners and those who are trying to get used to the altitude. It runs along the base of the mountain along the Red River. Along this trail you will find markings about wildlife and history of the town. This is great for those with children and who want to explore the area without having to spend a full day hiking. Middle Fork Lake trail is one of the most hiked trails and is considered challenging, but the view at the end is worth it. This trail is a little over 4 miles long both ways and reaches over 10,000 feet in elevation. This hike will take a full day and some even pack their camping gear to spend the night at the top. Once at the top, it is possible that you will see wildlife such as deer and chipmunks.

Riding ROVs in Red River

Red River provides us with the opportunity to enjoy our days in the mountains with riding ROVs, or Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle. There are many trails you can ride on and enjoy the beautiful mountains. ROVs are allowed to be driven in town between the hours of 8 AM to 8 PM, with the exception of Main Street. Since Main Street is off limits to ROVs, you may drive them on River Street and High Street. This makes it easy for those who need to run to town for ice or other necessities for your day trip to Cabresto Lake. Your ROV must be registered and this can be done online before you arrive at the state’s website.  Be sure to check out ROV Rules and Regulations for updated information.

Fishing in Red River 

Fishing is one of the most peaceful things you can do. Purchase your fishing license online or at Red River Angler and Sport and enjoy a day fishing the river. If you head towards the Upper Valley you can pull over at one of the designated fishing areas and catch some of the best trout you have ever had. Red River Angler and Sport also offers guided fishing tours starting May 1 through October 31.

If you are eager to find your zen in the mountains, then Red River is the place for you. No matter where you are you can enjoy your time here and make memories that will last a lifetime. Be the creator of your world and come see us in the mountains. We will be waiting for you!

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