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Hiking Red River is the Winter Wonderland You Only See in Your Dreams

Cambridge Dictionary defines hiking as “the activity of going for long walks in the countryside”. That’s them………

But THIS is Red River……..

Hiking: the art of trekking over, through and around mountains and town, traversing creeks (or frozen streams), testing one’s agility and heart rate, being mesmerized by placing one foot in front of the other in continuous forward motion – and loving every minute of it. Doing that in the snow-covered mountains of Sangre De Cristo Mountains we call home is an adventure you won’t forget.

Winter hiking is a little different from a summer hike. Replace your hiking boots with snowshoes or cross country skis. We don’t suggest that you actually go across the country; perhaps a trip of a few miles or so will be enough. But you can still get hot – even when there’s a forecast of 10 degrees. A few extra layers of the right clothes will keep you safe from the elements. Gloves, thermals, as well as head protection are all needed to protect what is important.

And don’t worry if you’re new to hiking or want something a little more relaxing! Red River has trails for everyone from beginner to expert. With the ever-changing flora and fauna and the changes in weather and snow-cover, you’re bound to never have the same trek twice!

The Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski area is a great place to add your own personal definition of a hike. 11 miles of snowshoe trails and 18 miles of ski trails will help get you ready. For snow ski or snowboard rentals, check out All Seasons Sports. For equipment rentals and snow clothing rentals, Sitzmark is also a great option!


“Pulks” are available for the little ones. Some dictionaries don’t have a definition for that but we do. A pulk is a small sled that can be towed behind a person who just happens to be on skis. You can bundle up the little ones in it and tow them along on your cross country or snowshoe skiing adventure. That’s a great way to get them started on an appreciation of the winter sports and the outdoors that you already love.

Dog-Friendly Hiking

We want everyone to have a good time. If your family member has fur and 4 legs, bring them along. We have winter hiking for them as well.  We can even “fetch” you pet-friendly accommodations right here in Red River. Dogs are welcome on our trails – on leash or voice command at all times. Remember, “Pack it in, Pack it out” rule applies to dogs as well – pick up “behind” your dog if you know what we mean.

So load up your family and friends; we have a place for you to stay and all the essentials like food, or clothing; come spend some time with us. The mountains will be white, the sky will be blue, and you will enjoy the best winter hike in Northern New Mexico.

Perhaps those Cambridge Dictionary writers need to visit Red River, NM!

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