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Hunting Tips from the Locals

Northern New Mexico offers some of the most exciting and enticing hunting grounds in the nation with hunters from all over flying into the area to experience the vast array of wildlife in the region. However, for new hunters and those from out of town, hunting in this area can be very different from other experiences. Here are the best hunting tips the locals have to offer:

Study Your Map Closely

New Mexico has a bit of an unusual program worked out with landowners and public land. The reason is that many private landowners are situated amidst public land, often without any distinguishing features to set their land apart from open hunting grounds. The use of courtesy cards and the “open gate” program is used to keep hunters and landowners communicating and helping one another. Communication is key when it comes to hunting. The last thing any hunter wants is to get a fine because he or she did not communicate with a land owner for hunting purposes. Nevertheless, you must study your map closely to determine which areas are best to hunt on and ask for recommendations from other hunters who can point you toward hunting grounds that won’t hurt your wallet.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Many people from visiting states are caught off guard by the huge range of temperatures that can be found in the mountains of New Mexico. Temperatures can drop rapidly in a matter of hours, and swirling blizzards are certainly not out of the question. While many people think of New Mexico as dry desert territory, the truth is that things can get wild. It is best to pack for both warm weather and extreme winter conditions because you just never know. Did I mention the spur of the moment thunderstorm? You don’t want to be caught in a spot without shelter when those pop up.

Practice Making Long Shots

The terrain of New Mexico’s northern region is quite unlike most other states where hunting is common. As a result, it is significantly harder to close the distance between you and your target. Not only does it require a high degree of physical fitness, but it may be difficult to find a clear vantage point. Most successful guides prepare hunters for taking shots in excess of 150 yards, even under the best of circumstances.

Due to the differences in climate and terrain in New Mexico versus other popular hunting grounds, all hunters should study up before they begin their hunt. While the area is teeming with lots of unique wildlife, this also means that animals do not move in the same patterns and groups that you may be used to elsewhere. Hunting in New Mexico is no easy feat, so you should be prepared for a hard week of unpredictable weather and challenges. The best hunting tips of all are to seek out local experts and gather intel before you choose a hunting ground.

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