Mardi Gras in the Mountains & How Red River Celebrates

It is time to mark your calendars, because Mardi Gras is right around the corner! Starting on February 20th and lasting through February 25th, Red River takes the Marid Gras festivities and turns it into an experience! Do not miss out on Beads and Bling to wrap up the end of winter. Without further ado, here are the cannot miss events of the Mardi Gras in the Mountains season.

Mardis Gras on Main Street Parade

Who doesn’t love a good parade? The Mardi Gras on Main Street parade is the pinnacle of the mardi gras season, where krewes, local businesses, families, and individuals create elaborate floats and crazy costumes to show off to all of the spectators that line the streets! Collect beads and candy, and flex your creativity with your own Mardi Gras costume!

Krewe Krawl and the Burning of the Tchoupitoulas

In order to appreciate this event, you need some background! The tchoupitoulas is a fictional character designed to serve as the Mardi Gras in the Mountains mascot! This being is similar to Old Man Gloom, or Zozobra, in Santa Fe. To kick off the foot parade down Main Street, also known as the Krewe Krawl, the Tchoupitoulas is lead to his final moments before the burning. Those watching the parade are nudged to write down anything that is troubling or worrying them, and then toss it onto the fire while the Tchoupitoulas burns! After that, Mardi Gras is officially begun, and your worries can be forgotten.

Drink Making Contest

Mardi Gras in the Mountains may be relaxing, but it is also competitive! Flex your competitive muscles by trying to create the best drink! Krewes will show their ability to make the best drink, and but on the best show while they do it. If you get there early enough, you may be lucky enough to be picked to be a judge for the competition, where you get to pick the best drink based on presentation, drink, and performance!

Mardi Gras Grand Ball and Costume Contest

There are few things better than a costume contest, and you have plenty of opportunities to prepare for it! Each night of Mardi Gras will have a costume ball, culminating in the cream of the crop – the Grand Ball! Hosted at the Red River Conference Center, there will be live cajun music, dancing, and, of course, the official costume contest! With the chance to win a trophy from the Chamber of Commerce, you’ll want to make sure you pack your best pieces.

Children’s Ball

The Red River Children’s ball is Red River’s answer for family fun! Created especially for the little ones in your lives, kids are encouraged to wear their costumes and beads as they take part in their very own ball. This ball is designed to be full of family fun, so do not miss out on this opportunity!

Red River is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and experience the wonder of Mardi Gras without the craziness or chaos of New Orleans. Rent a beautiful piece of property and unwind in the mountains while enjoying all of the events that this quaint snow-capped town has to offer! For a full list of properties to rent, look through all eighty-five properties (and counting) and pick the one that suits you best! Each property has its own perks that are sure to suit your needs and give you the perfect place to unwind after long, fun-filled days.

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