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Music is in the Air in Red River, NM

Music is in the the air

Hiking, skiing, and fishing are all great outdoor activities that you can do as you explore Red River NM, but there’s so much more to do in this little town of ours than just exploring the great outdoors. With so many annual events to look forward to, Summer in Red River is all about having a good time.

Each year we look forward to events such as motorcycle rallies, car shows and music festivals. Music has a very special place in our hearts. Whether it’s the focus of an event or simply a pleasing accompaniment, I’m sure that you’ll agree that there’s something special about music in the mountains.

During the warm summer months, Brandenburg Park fills up with the sounds of mountain music that rolls through the valley. The best way to experience the tradition is to be right there in the middle of it, so a summer getaway at 101 Red River Lodge is a must! For those guests who want to get away and enjoy the festivities by themselves, 101 Red River Cabin is the perfect escape. Both are just a hop, skip, and jump away from the party. And everyone knows, there ain’t no party like a Red River party!

A couple of festivals you might want to check out are:

Dulcimer Festival

Dulcimers are a unique instrument developed in the Appalachia area during the early 19th century. Hourglass shaped and played on the lap, the dulcimer can have 4 to 8 strings. The sweet sounds of this instrument are common in folk, gospel, and bluegrass but can even be found in jazz, blues and rock and roll. In the beginning of August, Red River holds a Dulcimer Festival for this unique instrument.

43rd Annual Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival

As you explore Red River NM, you’ll find that history and music go hand in hand. Music was a mainstay for entertainment during Red River’s days as a mining town and that still persists today. As the seasons begin to change, the 43rd Annual Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival gives everyone a chance to experience bluegrass and Americana music. This 4-day festival features musicians from all over the region.

Red River Folk Festival

If you are in the Red River area in late September viewing the autumn leaves, be sure to stop for the Red River Folk Festival. Launched in 2015 in conjunction with Aspencade, this autumn festival provides a unique musical experience against the backdrop of the mountains. Featuring bluegrass, folk, country and Americana musicians, this concert will be held in Brandenburg Park, Lost Love Saloon and the Motherlode Saloon.

Red River Songwriters’ Festival

Even though winter tends to encourage people to stay indoors, the Red River Songwriters’ Festival is a good reason to brave the cold. Featuring local talent this three-day festival allows visitors to experience a wide range of music from New Mexico.

While Red River offers lots of great outdoor activities, family fun and time for quiet reflection, it also offers a great opportunity to sample some of the excellent musical talents from the region and the world. Go ahead and explore Red River, NM, but remember to come in, have a seat and enjoy the music.

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