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Planning a Red River Trip Next Year? Your Complete Red River Weather Guide

When thinking about the weather in New Mexico, many might think that it is constantly overwhelmingly warm, or that it is the same temperature year round. Neither are true! New Mexico has an amazing array of temperatures, and each season is different from the one before it. For those planning a Red River trip in the coming year, we have put together this guide on the year-long weather patterns so you can plan your trip during the best time for you!

Winter in Red River

Winter is normally thought of as the months of December, January and February. However in 2018 and this year, we began experiencing winter conditions in mid October. Yes, it made for a snowy Halloween, as well as a festive Thanksgiving. Winter in Red River is full of opportunity. The mountains get a decent amount of snow, with the yearly average snowfall totaling up to 162 inches! Red River offers a whole host of different winter recreation activities from skiing and snowboarding, to tubing, to snowmobiling and even fishing! For more information on each of these activities, look at the Red River webpage. With all of the snow, it is important to pack a jacket or two, as the average high temperature for these winter months is 40 degrees and below.

Spring in Red River

Spring starts to thaw out the freezing mountains of Red River, with temperatures rising to 46 degrees in March, 54 degrees in April, and a nice warm 63 degrees in May. However, there are times that snow has been present until the end of April, so be sure to watch the weather channel for the latest snow trend for the month you decide to visit.  While some of the summer activities may not be available, there are plenty of things to do, and even more things to do inside! Outside, however, you can make the most of the mountain trials by taking a wonderful ATV ride or adventure by foot. Rent one, or bring your own, and explore the beautiful scenery in style. Or, take a day for yourself and enjoy a meditative yoga class or relaxing massage!

Summer in Red River

Summer in Red River is warm – but not too warm! June, July, and August all hover in the mid- to upper-seventies! This allows for all summer activities to be enjoyed without the worry of overheating or being too hot to move around. This is also the reason you rarely find any buildings here with AC, we just don’t need it. Between hiking, fishing, rafting, hunting or mountain biking, there is so much to do in the summer months! As mentioned before, ATVs and OHVs are a wonderful addition to a Red River vacation! More information on trails, rules, and regulations are available here.

Fall in Red River

Seasons changing, especially when the leaves change, makes for a stunningly beautiful backdrop! Visit Red River for photoshoots, hiking, and exploration of the mountains in the crisp, clean mountain air. September maintains a bit of heat at 68 degrees, but October drops down to the mid-fifties, with November averaging around 45 degrees. Enjoy Horseback Riding or in town festivals, such as Oktoberfest and Aspencade, before gathering around a fire and enjoying the cool night air.

Every season in Red River is a good season! Each offers different activities and a vastly different climate that makes each experience entirely unique! With a whole host of different rentals that each have their own unique amenities to offer, Reservations Unlimited is ready to provide everything you need to have the perfect Red River vacation.

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  1. We recently visited Red River for the first time and after traveling to many places to include Maui, Red River is the “place “. Countless activities, no commercialization, local flare, kind, no rush people and attitudes. Red River will be a frequent repeat to check out the differing seasonal changes and activities.
    By the way, if you haven’t experienced the 4th of July Parade in Red River, we’ll, sucks to be you, it was as Americana as it gets! Totally amazing!!!!!

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