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September Starts The Change of Seasons in Red River

In the fall, New Mexicans and the travelers get happy as the foliage of the Aspen trees begin. The turning of green to gold marks the beginning of fall and cooler weather in Red River, New Mexico. Now is the time to drive to the mountains and experience one of the most beautiful times of the year.

Timing of Foliage

The timing of fall foliage is different every year. Foliage peak usually comes in late September into early October. You can guarantee that by September’s end you will find some gold, red, and orange Aspens. Higher altitude means that the colors begin to change earlier than the areas in lower elevation.

Enchanted Circle Byway

The 80 mile loop through the Enchanted Circle follows Highway 38 and is a great drive to take if you have the time. Slingshot rentals are available through one of our town’s most used rental ROV shop, Weezie’s Wild Rides.

Best Way to see Foliage

Whether you’ve never been horseback riding or you love to ride horses, the fall is the perfect time to ride. Make reservations with Red River Stables for any of their tours. You will not regret the time you have on these horse tours, especially if you’re looking at the gorgeous colors of the Aspens while riding.

ROV riding is another way to explore the mountains and see the foliage of the Aspens. Bring your own or borrow one from a friend. We have properties still available this month with trailer parking so that you can haul your ROVs to the mountains for joy riding. You don’t have your own ROV? You’re in luck because Weezie’s Wild Rides still has side by side rentals for full and half days Thursdays-Mondays through the end of October! Or you can check out the toys at Big Horn Sports located on Main Street.

Jeep tours with Red River Offroad start mid-September and go through November. Take some time out of your day and enjoy family-time while you drive through the Sangre De Cristo Mountains and see some of northern New Mexico’s spectacular foliage. The best part about a jeep tour is that you can spend the whole time taking pictures and videos because you’re just there for the ride. They do the driving for you!!


Red River offers some of the best camping in the state of New Mexico. Camp at one of the campsites in town or pack your bags and hike up to Middlefork Lake or Wheeler Peak and pitch a tent. These two camping destinations offer the best views and are high enough in elevation that you’ll see red, orange, and yellow as far as the eye can see.

Time to Update Family Pictures

The weather is perfect, the color of the leaves are changing, and it’s time to finally update those family pictures hanging in your living room. Southern Exposure, located on Main Street in Red River, is one of the best photographers in the state. Call before your arrival to the Enchanted Circle and coordinate family outfits. Choose to take pictures in the Upper Valley or somewhere closer to town.

There’s a reason why September in Red River is what everyone talks about and its foliage of the beautiful Aspens.

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