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Why Dog Moms and Dads Love Red River

Family vacations just aren’t the same without your pet, so why not bring them along? Enjoy the scenery of the mountains with your loved ones including your pet. After all, your dog is part of your family and deserves a vacation in the mountains as much as you do! The town of Red River is pet-friendly along with some of the restaurants that have patio seating. *Ask to be seated outside and enjoy your meal along with your pet.

We Have Pet-Friendly Rentals

We have 22 pet-friendly properties, including the Ponderosa Lodge which is located in the middle of town. The Ponderosa Lodge units each sleep up to 4 guests. We also have a suite that can sleep up to 12 guests. Doggie bags are also available at the Ponderosa Lodge for your use. Choose one of our pet-friendly properties in town or one in the Upper Valley. Check out our pet-friendly properties and don’t forget, there is a nonrefundable pet fee. Please visit our website or call our office to find out which of our pet-friendly properties have doggie gates available.

Red River’s Dog Park

Located at the east end of town is a dog park. Use this space to let your dogs run freely and make new friends while you take a break. There are buckets that have toys for your dogs to play with along while interacting with other dogs. Also located at the entrance of the dog park are doggie bags for you to pick up after your pet and dispose of.

Red River Trails

Whether you want to hike or rent an HOV, load up some water and treats for your dog as well. Weezie’s Wild Rides here in town is pet-friendly, so grab your rental and don’t forget man’s best friend and head up to one of our favorite trails, Goose Lake. Take a hike up to Middle Fork Lake or Wheeler Peak with your dog and enjoy the scenery on the way up.

Hand Washing Stations

There are multiple hand washing stations as well as porta potties and extra sanitizer stations located throughout town. A few of these stations are located in front of the Candy Crate, Climates, and The Golden Nugget. Use these hand washing stations before and after entering any stores in town. While you’re there head into Climates and grab your dog a new toy or treat for them to enjoy while here in Red River.

Cooler Weather

With the cool breeze rolling off the mountain and the cold water from the river, you won’t have to worry about your dog becoming overheated. Bringing your dog to Red River is a good excuse for you to be outside. Whether it be going on a walk or enjoying the sunshine while your dog runs around the park, the cool breeze will be welcomed by you both.

Pet’s are great companions, especially when it’s time to do anything outdoors. Head outside to enjoy your time and the amazing views that Red River has to offer with your dog.

*Check with the facility before arrival to ensure this is permitted.

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