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Top 5 Spots For Fall Foliage Viewing

There may be some people that aren’t ready for summer to end, but summer ending doesn’t always have to be bad news. Sweater weather is here in Red River and that calls for many things such as sweet apple cider, campfires after dark, and watching the summer green leaves of the Aspen trees change to reds, oranges, and gold! We’ve made a list of the top 5 spots in Red River to see fall foliage!

Top of Greenie Peak

Did you know that Greenie Peak is the highest point in elevation that you can drive to in New Mexico? That’s right, this mountain peak sits at 11,259 feet above sea level. The road to the top is not the smoothest, but it is gorgeous and the view at the end is well worth it. Keep in mind that this trail is made for ATVs and UTVs as it can be a rough ride and has sharp turns. 

Highway 578 Towards Upper Valley

If you’re heading west through Red River and keep right at the Y in front of the Horse Stable, you will be heading into the Upper Valley. We have plenty of properties in the Upper Valley so you may know the way. Along this curvy road, you will follow the Red River and take in the gorgeous views of the Aspen trees changing color. Around every corner you’ll be amazed at how beautiful the Upper Valley of Red River is.

Columbine Trail

This 8.5 mile hiking trail is considered a moderate hike and great for beginners. If you’re taking your first trip to the high elevation Columbine Trail is the one to take. You will cross creeks, pass beautiful wild flowers, and possibly stumble by deer or bighorn sheep. Located on the south side of Highway 38, about 7 miles west of Red River and 5 miles east of Questa. You may drive through the campsite to reach more parking and start at the trailhead. A great spot to stop for a picnic is at the Twining Trail junction where you’ll find an Aspen Cove. This is also where the trial becomes more difficult so you can turn around if you’d like. Beyond this you can continue to Taos Ski Valley or Gold Hill!

Old Pass to Red River

The old pass to get into Red River is a high mountain pass in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. The road to the top has switchbacks and is very bumpy. Also known as Road 488, this road offers great views at the top as well as other trails to venture off on. One of the other trails located at the top of the Old Pass is 4th of July Canyon.

Goose Lake Trail

Visitors mostly venture on Goose Lake Trail by ATVs and ROVs, but I have seen a few far and between hiking up. This mile hike, one way, is difficult and busy all the time. Goose Lake is the most popular trail because you can spend anywhere between a ½ day to a full day at the lake. Pack your camping and fishing gear and enjoy the mountain scenery that the Sangre De Cristo has to offer!

It’s important to book your vacation to Red River as soon as you can during the fall foliage as it is most locals and visitors favorite time of the year. Some years it can be hard to determine when the foliage will happen and that makes it hard to plan a trip. You can always call our office or follow our social media pages to learn about the most updated weather patterns! You can also find out about the latest events going on as we like to keep our guests informed on events going on in town!

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