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Yes, You Can Enjoy Red River on a Budget

Vacations can be hard to plan, and even harder to pay for. Sometimes, it’s just not as easy as you want it to be to afford your dream vacation with the funds that you have available to you. Luckily, Red River is the perfect place to enjoy your vacation on a tight budget, with mounds of free activities to choose from and still enjoy.

Fishing in Red River

Fishing can be a wonderful bonding experience for the whole family, and can be incredibly cost effective. Fishing rods can be found at almost any retail store  with beginner rods running as little as $10. Red River has tons of good fishing spots, including one between town and the Upper Valley, there is a 1-mile section designated Special Trout Waters – check it out with a fishing permit that costs only $12.

Hiking in Red River

There are a multitude of different hiking trails in Red River, each boasting their own beautiful views. For an easy, family friendly hike, try looking into the Columbine Trail. It’s located in the south side of the Columbine Campground. For those that want to commit themselves, the trail does get harder about halfway up where there is a perfect spot for a picnic just before the Twining Trail junction. Middlefork Trail is the perfect option for a moderate hike that’ll lead you to a hidden mountain lake – the perfect photo opportunity.

Cook-Out in Red River

For a little fun right in your home away from home backyard, try a cook-out! Grab a few hot dogs, some hamburgers, and start cooking on the grill for the perfect, budget friendly backyard party. If splurging on your backyard party is in your budget, look to pick up a game of corn hole and start a game tournament that is sure to last hours.

Red River Community House

The Red River Community House has been a staple in town for decades. Featuring countless activities, the community house is the perfect place to enjoy some time with friends and family while participating in some of their free activities. From lawn games, to line dancing, to movies in the park, there isn’t a time where the Red River Community House is inactive. For a complete schedule, check out their calendar.

A Trip To the Library

Sometimes, the quiet peacefulness of a library is exactly what is needed during down time. With over 40,000 books and a room full of Native American history artifacts, hours can be whiled away between the shelves while learning a bit about the rich local history.

Softball Field and Park

For a place to kick a ball or start an impromptu pickup baseball game, the Softball Field and Park located near Valley Condos and is the perfect spot to enjoy the weather and get a workout in at the same time. Grab some friends and make a day out of it!

Vacations can be costly, but they don’t have to be! Red River is a wonderful town full of nature and wide open spaces that have budget-friendly, and often free, activities that can make memories that last a lifetime. Don’t hesitate – book today at Reservations Unlimited!

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